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20th Century
A.J. Wentworth, BA/ITV/1982 c1940s
Agatha Christie's Partners in Crime/LWT/1983-84 c1920s
Agatha Christie's Poirot/LWT/1989+ cMid 1930s
Airline/YTV/1982 c1945-50
Alien Nation/FOX/1989-91 c1995
All Creatures Great And Small/BBC/1978-90 c1930-50
'Allo, 'Allo/BBC/1984-92. c1940-45
American Dreams/NBC/2002-2005 c1963
Annie Oakley/ABC/SYN/1954-57 c1900
Apple Pie/ABC/1978 c1933
Ashenden/BBC/1991 c1914-18
Baa Baa Black Sheep/NBC/1976-78 c1942-45
Band of Brothers/HBO/2001 c1944-45
Banyon/NBC/1972-73 c1937
Beacon Hill/CBS/1975 c1920
Bearcats/CBS/1971 c1914
Black Sheep Squadron/NBC/1976-78 c1942-45
Bless Me Father/LWT/1978-81 c1950s
The Blue Light/ABC/1966 c1940-45
Boone/NBC/1983-84 c1953
The Bretts/SYN/1987 c1920s
Brewster Place/ABC/1990 .c1967
Brideshead Revisited/GRA/1981 c1920
Brooklyn Bridge/CBS/1991-93 c1956
Call To Glory/ABC/1984-85. c1960
Campion/BBC/1989.. cEarly 1930s
Casablanca/ABC/1955-56 c1942
Casablanca/NBC/1983 c1942
The Charmer/LWT/1987 c1930s
The Chicago Teddy Bears/CBS/1971 c1920
China Beach/ABC/1988-91 c1967-70
Christabel/BBC/1988 c1934
Christy/CBS/1994-95 c1912
The Citadel/BBC/1983. c1924
City of Angels/NBC/1976 c1930
Colditz/BBC/1972-74 c1940s
Combat/ABC/1962-67 c1944-45
Court Martial/ABC/1966 c1942-45
The Country Diary Of An Edwardian Lady/CEN/1984 c1900
Crime Story/NBC/1986-88 c1960
Damon Runyon Theatre/CBS/1955-56 c1900-30
Darling Buds of May/ITV/1991-93 c1958
Days Of Hope/BBC/1975 c1916-26
Delta House/ABC/1979 c1960s
Do Over/WB/2002 c1982 (Man Sent 20 Years Into His past)
The District Nurse/BBC/1984 & 1987 c1920s
Doctor Finlay/SCOTTISH TV/1993-94 c1945
Doctor Finlay's Casebook/BBC/1962-71 c1920
Edward And Mrs. Simpson/THA/1978 c1930s
Edward The Seventh (Edward The King)/ATV/1975 c1841-1910
The Edwardians/GRA/1965 c1901-1910
The Edwardians/BBC/1972-93 c1900
Eisenhower: The War Years/ABC/1979 c1940-45
Ellery Queen/NBC/1975-76 c1947
Ellis Island/CBS/1984 c1907
Espionage/NBC/1963-64 c1914-60
The Fall of Eagles/BBC/1974 c1880-1920
A Family At War/GRA/1970-72 c1940-45
The Family Holvak/NBC/1975 c1933
Father Brown/ATV/1974 c1920
Flambards/SYN/PBS/1979-80 c1918
The Flame Trees Of Thika/THA/1981 c1913
F.D.R./ABC/1965 c1930-45
Flickers/ITC/1980. cEarly 1900s
The Forsyte Saga/BBC/1967 c1879-1926
Fortunes Of War/BBC/1987 c1940-45
Foxy Lady/GRA/1982 & 1984 c1959
From Here to Eternity/NBC/1979-80 c1941-45
Frontier Doctor/SYN/1956-57 c1900
The Gallant Men/ABC/1962-63 c1943
Garrison's Gorillas/ABC/1967-68 c1942-45
Gibbsville/NBC/1976 c1940
The Ginger Tree/BBC/1989 c1903
The Girls/CBS/1950 c1920
Goodbye Mr. Chips/BBC/1984 c1890s-1950s
Goodnight Sweetheart/BBC/1993-99 c1943
Goodtime Girls/ABC/1980 c1942
The Great War/BBC/1964 c1914-18
Happy Days/ABC/1974-84 c1950-60s
Heartbeat/ITV/1990 c1960s
Hec Ramsey/NBC/1972-74 c1901
Hi-De-Hi!/BBC/1981-88 c1959
The High Life/HBO/1996 c1950s
Hogan's Heroes/CBS/1965-71 c1942-45
Hollywood Detective/A&E/1991 c1930
Homefront/ABC/1991-93 c1945
Hotel Room/HBO/1993 c1936; 1969; & 1992
How Green Was My Valley/BBC/1960 & 1976 c1900
I Remember Mama/CBS/1949-57 c1909-17
I'll Fly Away/NBC/PBS/1991-93 c1950
The Inspector Alleyn Mysteries/BBC/1990-94 c1940s
The Irish R.M./BBC/SYN/1983-84 c1900
It Ain't Half Hot, Mum/BBC/1974-81 c1940s
It's a Business?/DUM/1952 c1900
Jericho/CBS/1966-67 c1940-45
The Jewel In The Crown/GRA/1984 c1942-47
Kennedy/NBC/1983 c1961-63
King's Row/ABC/1955-56 c1900
Land of the Giants/ABC/1968-70 c1983
The Last Convertible/NBC/1979 c1944-69
The Last Place On Earth/CEN/1985 c1911-12
Laverne & Shirley/ABC/1976-83 c1956-67
The Lawless Years/NBC/1959-61 c1920
Leap Years/SHO/2001-02 c1993, 2001 & 2008
A League Of Their Own/CBS/1993 c1940-50s
Lipstick On My Collar/C-4/1993 c1950s
Little World Of Don Camillo/BBC/1980 c1946
The Lot/AMC/1999-2001 c1937
Lord Peter Wimsey/BBC/1972-75 & 87 c1920s
Lost Empires/GRA/1986 c1913
Lost in Space/CBS/1965-68 c1997
Love For Lydia/LWT/1977 c1920-30
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