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 Time Periods - 21st - 60th Century
Program Time Period
21st Century
The Adventures Of The Galaxy Rangers/SYN/1986 c2086
Come Back Mrs. Noah/BBC/1977-78 c2050
Dark Angel/FOX/2000-02 c2019
How I Met Your Mother/CBS/2005+ c2030
Jabberjaw/ABC/1976-78 c2076
Jason of Star Command/CBS/1979-81 c2000
Jeremiah/SHO/2002-2004 c2021
The Jetsons/ABC/1962-63 c2000
Jupiter Moon/C4/1990 & 96 c2050
Leap Years/SHO/2001-02 c1993, 2001 & 2008
Luna/CEN/1983 c2040 (in the Efficiecity)
Mann & Machine/NBC/1992 c2000
Max Headroom/ABC/1987 c2000
Moonbase 3/BBC/1973 c2003
My Life & Times/ABC/1991 c2035
The New Jetsons/SYN/1985 c2000
Robocop: The Series/SYN/1993-94 c2000
Rocky Jones, Space Ranger/SYN/1954 c2005
Seaquest DSV(Seaquest 2032)/NBC/1993-95 c2018 & 2032
Space: Above & Beyond/FOX/1995-96 c2063
Space Precinct/SYN/1994-95 c2040
Star Cops/SYN/1991 cEarly 2000s
Super Force/SYN/1990-92 c2020
Teknoman/UPN/1995 c2087
TekWar/SYN/USA/1994-96 c2045
Terrahawks/LWT/1983 c2020
Timecop/ABC/1997 c2007
Total Recall 2070/SHO/1999 c2070
Tripods/BBC/1984-85 c2089
Ultraman/SYN/1967 c2000
Wild Palms/ABC/1993 c2007
22nd Century
Captain Power And The Soldiers Of The Future/SYN/1987-88 c2147
Earth 2/NBC/1994-95 c2192
Rod Brown of the Rocket Rangers/CBS/1953-54 c2100
Space Rangers/CBS/1993 c2104
Time Trax/SYN/1993-94 c2193
23rd Century
Babylon 5/SYN/1994-98. c2258
Captain Video & His Video Rangers/DUM/SYN/1949-56 c2254
Flash Gordon/SYN/1953-54 c2203
Flash Gordon/NBC/1979 c2203
Homeboys In Space/UPN/1996-97 c2200
Mercy Point/UPN/1998-99 c2200
Quark/NBC/1978 c2222
Star Trek/NBC/1966-69 c2266
24th Century
Bravestarr/SYN/1987 c2300
Logan's Run/CBS/1977-78 c2319
Lost Saucer/ABC/1975-76 c2369
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine/SYN/1993-98 c2369
Star Trek: The Next Generation/SYN/1987-94 c2364
Star Trek: Voyager/UPN/1995-2001 c2370
Tom Corbett, Space Cadet/CBS/ABC/NBC/DUM/1950-55 c2350
25th Century
ARK II/CBS/1976-79 c2476
Buck Rogers/ABC/1950-51 c2430
Buck Rogers in the 25th Century/NBC/1979-81 c2491
The New Adventures of Voltron/SYN/1997 c2400
26th Century
Cleopatra 2525/UPN/2000-01 c2525 
Firefly/FOX/2002-03 c2517
27th Century
Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventures/FOX/1992 c2692
Mission Genesis/SCI/1997-98 c2695
28th Century
Starlost/SYN/1973 c2795
30th Century
Futurama/FOX/1999-2003 c2999
Space Patrol/ABC/1950-55 c2900
31st Century
The Planet of the Apes/CBS/1974 c3085 (or 3881)
Return of the Planet of the Apes/NBC/1975-76 c3979
38th Century
Space Academy/CBS/1977-79 c3732
40th Century
Thundarr The Barbarian/ABC/NBC/1980-84 c3994
60th Century
Battlestar Galactica/ABC/1978-80 c6000
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