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Tobacco & Smoking 

Gomez Addams - Eccentric millionaire Gomez Addams on the sitcom THE ADDAMS FAMILY/ABC/1964-66 often had a lit cigar in his hand as he wandered about his bizarre gothic mansion.

Uncle Fester, Morticia, Gomez and Thing - THE ADDAMS FAMILY
Gomez Addams with cigar in mouth observes Thing

Gomez kept his Garcia y Vega cigars in a cigar store Indian statue that rested in his museum-like living room. When Gomez pulled the cigars from his unique holder, they were already lit.

At times, Gomez lit his cigars by striking a match on his Butler's body or igniting it with a flame thrower.

Gomez's wife, Morticia (Carolyn Jones), also enjoyed a good smoke. Except in her case, when she smoked, her entire body emitted a misty cloud of smoke.

Gomez reads newspaper and smokes cigar - THE ADDAMS FAMILY
Gomez reads paper and smokes cigar

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