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Tobacco & Smoking

How the Tobacco Industry Killed American Soldiers

The premise of my story is short and sweet. During the Second World War cigarettes were included in soldiers ration kits. This meant that each time a soldier had the opportunity to eat, he was also given the opportunity to smoke.

This act of smoking throughout the war actually diminished the fighting power of our troops. When called upon to exert themselves - to run faster, march longer and fight harder - the detrimental impact of the tobacco, namely cigarettes, put a toll on the soldier's performance.

When gunfire was directed at our troops, how many of our soldiers were not fast enough to dodge death because their respiratory systems was not properly functioning due to tobacco? A few less puffs on the cigarette and how many soldiers may have had the physical energy to jump over that obstacle, carry that heavy weapon farther, or pull their buddy from harms way faster?

How many times was a solider unable to perform to his maximum because he had to stop along the road to catch their breath? And how many soldiers became easy targets for the enemy when they saw the smoke from a cigarette rising from a fox hole?

Today, the public now knows through a massive education effort that tobacco is deadly. However, the scientists who manipulated the tobacco formulas to higher addictive levels and the head executives of the companies have known for years that the product that they sell is a killing thing.

Yet, during World War 2 (and every earlier in World War One) the tobacco companies collaborated with the US government to bundle their toxic product into the food ration kits for our valiant solders to smoke and choke their lives away.

When America needed the most healthy and fit fighting army on the planet to battle Axis powers, the tobacco companies knowingly like a traitorous sleeper cell terrorist pushed the tobacco on to our troops and diminished their fighting potential. They used the mantle of patriotism to hide their secret agenda of making a profit -- no matter what the cost.

After the war, the legacy of the tobacco companies came back to haunt the veterans of the war who became addicted to the product and eventually succumbed to lung cancer.

In the end, the Tobacco Industry's treasonous acts helped diminish the power and force of our Armed Forces during the Second World War. They continued to aid in the killing our troops during the Korean War, the Vietnam War and now even today they actively seek to weaken our troops in Irag and Afghanistan by providing easy access to cigarettes to our troops abroad.

And even those soldiers who choose not to smoke are forced to live in close quarters where the deadly passive second hand smoke of others cripple their health.

How many more soldiers will have to die before the government (allegedly on the side of the veterans) will stop the shipment of tobacco products to the front lines?

Tobacco is Treason. Be a Patriot and Don't Smoke.

Traitor: One who betrays one's country, a cause, or a trust.

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