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Tobacco Product Slogans

Company Advertising Slogan
American Brands, Inc. "Tobacco is our middle name."
Bonded Tobacco Co. "Making smoking 'safe' for smokers."
Camel Cigarettes "I'd walk a mile for a Camel."
"For Digestion's Sake - Smoke Camels."
"Experience is the best teacher in choosing a
 cigarette. Your T-zone will tell you why."
"More doctors smoke Camels than any other cigarette."
Carlton Cigarettes "If you smoke, please smoke Carlton."
Chesterfield Cigarettes "Blow some my way."
"a silly millimeter longer"
(Chesterfield 101's campaign)
Eve Cigarettes "Farewell to the ugly cigarette."
"The first truly feminine cigarette - almost as
 pretty as you are.
Women have been feminine since Eve, now cigarettes are feminine. " Eve, also with menthol."  (1971)
L&M Cigarettes "Just what the doctor ordered."
Lucky Strike  "(L.S.M.F.T.) Lucky Strike/Means Fine Tobacco"
(L.S.M.F.T.) Lucky Strike/Means Filter Tips." 
"Light up a Lucky Strike, it's light-up time."
"Luckies taste better. Cleaner, fresher, smoother."

"Do you inhale? Of course you do! Lucky Strike has dared to raise this vital question because certain impurities concealed in even the finest, mildest tobacco leaves are removed by Luckies' famous purifying process." (1932)
"Reach for a Lucky instead of a sweet."
“With Men Who Know Tobacco, It’s Luckies two to one”
Marlboro Cigarettes "Come to Marlboro Country."
"Come to where the flavor is."
Mecca Cigarettes "Where was Moses When the Lights Went Out? - Groping for a pack of Meccas."
Muriel Cigars   "Hey, big spender, spend a little dime on me." (sung by Edie Adams)
"Why don't you pick me up and smoke me sometime?"
Old Gold Cigarettes "We're tobacco men ... not medicine men. Old
 Gold cures just one thing. The World's Best
"Not a cough in a carload."
Pall Mall Cigarettes "Mildness is a pleasure with Pall Mall."
"Wherever particular people congregate."
Philip Morris Cigarettes  "Call for Philip Morris!!" (1940s)" 
"Less irritating to the throat."
Tareyton Cigarettes "I'd rather fight than switch." Taryeton Cigarettes
Tiparillos "Cigars? Cigarettes? Tiparillos?" (1964)
"Should a gentleman offer a Tiparillo to a lady?"
Viceroy "20,000 filter traps."
Virginia Slims Cigarettes "You've come a long way, baby."
Winston Cigarettes "Winston tastes good like a cigarette should."

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