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The Nimrod - The private railway coach car on the western adventure THE WILD, WILD WEST/CBS/1965-70.


The Nimrod was the mobile headquarters of federal secret service agents Artemus Gordon (Ross Martin), master of disguise and James T. West (Robert Conrad), expert pugilist. Both traveled the western frontier of the 1870s via rail on undercover assignments from President Ulysses S. Grant (James Gregory/Roy Engle).

The Nimrod's interior included a kitchen, laboratory, arsenal, an opulent parlor/sitting area with pool table and fireplace that doubled as a secret exit/entry way.

A special railroad car housed Agent James T. West's horses (Duke and Cacao) and cages for Artie's homing pigeons Henrietta, Anabella and Arabella.

The Nimrod was pulled by a smoke-belching steam locomotive (1860 2-4-0 Steam engine No.3). Its engineer was named Orrin Cobb.

Train Sketch - Opening Credits - THE WILD WILD WEST

James West reveals firearms stored behind map in railway car - THE WILD WILD WEST
Firearms hidden behind map inside railway car

TRIVIA NOTE: According to the Bible (Genesis:9-12) "Nimrod" was a "mighty hunter of men before the Lord." Nimrod was also the pen name C.J. Apperly (1779-1843), the prodigious sportswriter. See also "The Cannonball"

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