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3D TV: The Future Is Here

Entertainment technology has made huge advances over the past few decades. Less than 70 years ago, a black and white television cost the modern equivalent of $1800. It’s possible to purchase a modern 40” LCD flat screen HD television for less than one week’s wages for many individuals in the United States.

As the technology behind televisions continues to evolve, 3D TV has become one of the hottest new consumer interests. 3D effects have been available in movie theatres for over 50 years, but required clunky multicolored glasses. Early 3D movies could only be watched in theatres and in grainy black and white.

Modern televisions have revolutionized the way 3D works. 3D TV works by providing each eye a different image with a slightly different perspective. Early 3D glasses allowed each eye to see a different perspective by blocking out certain colors. Modern 3D shutter glasses work by darkening each lens 60 times a second, while a TV flickers back and forth between different perspectives 120 times a second. Without these glasses, 3D televisions appear as just a blur. With 3D shutter glasses, vibrant 3D images come to live in stunning HD, creating an unforgettable entertainment experience.

One of the newest advances in 3D technology involves the use of eye tracking. Some gaming systems use body tracking cameras, allowing for interactive game play involving physical challenges. By tracking the eye location and distance from the TV, an image can be projected to the user that imitates true 3D. Content providers have built demos using true 3D, but there are no full length television shows or movies incorporating it.

It’s possible for a TV viewer to watch a true 3D movie and look around a corner to see more action on a TV screen. Media is shot in a series of layers with different depths, with nearby layers moving more rapidly as the user’s head movies. This allows a user to get a better view of the action on a TV screen by shifting their head. It’s possible to look around a wall to see what characters in a movie are talking about.

While true 3D is still in its infancy, many professionals expect these entertainment advances to be widely available in the next few years. True 3D currently only allows one viewer to watch an image per television, but innovations may allow for a multi-user viewing experience in the future.


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