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TV Resources - Books & Scripts

  • Book TV - Explores non-fiction books and provides TV listings of when books and their authors will be interviewed or reviewed.
  • Classic TV Database Books - They offer links to popular books on television sold through
  • Drew's Script-O-Rama - This site collects scripts from TV shows and movies. Categories include Film Scripts, Film Transcripts, TV Stuff, Screenwriters, Movie Haiku, Drew's Views, Poll du jour, Contest/Freebies, Quizs 'n' stuff, Stuff to trade, and Link-O-Rama. Another great transcript site is Simply Scripts.
  • Mad Magazine TV Show Satires - Great color shots of the magazine's front cover and a table of contents listing what shows were lampooned in that issue.
  • McFarland Publishing - Offer a nice selection of well written, well researched books on TV shows and Television History. 
  • Screen Site - Links to television transcripts and other items on screenwriting.
  • TV Bibliography - Includes a list of books used to research the TV Acres Database. This includes individual shows, overview texts and miscellaneous texts with TV related information.


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