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TV Resources - British TV Shows

  • Actors of British Science Fictions, Fantasy and Cult Television Shows - Wow, that title just about says it all.

  • British TV from the 1950s - Locating and preserving crime and comedy shows from the 50's and early 60's. List of videos we have for exchange and details of the episodes we have.
  • British TV Land - Collection of links to a variety of British television companies and their history.

  • Cherished Television - The Nostalgia Television Website dedicated to the world of nostalgia television and the rich heritage of program makers from the U.K. and around the Globe.

  • Kaleidoscope - Kaleidoscope: The Classic Television Website is a voluntary, non-profit making organization devoted to the appreciation of classic and vintage British television. Its award-winning online resources have everything you will ever need to know about the wonderful world of the small screen. (from a British perspective, that is).

  • Kids TV - British TV nostalgia website devoted to a cursory collection of popular children's show that aired in Great Britain in days past. See also Skool Days for a "nostalgic look at the times of your life.

  • Knacker's Yard -  The museum for retired broadcast equipment used in the production of British television.

  • Media UK - The free online media directory for the United Kingdom.

  • Memorable TV - Information on current and memorable TV shows from the UK, Australia and US.

  • Ryan's British TV Show Reviews - Written by a "Yank" from the states, this website is billed as "an American's survival guide to over 650 UK TV shows that have run in England and over the past eleven years."

  • Sausagenet - This British website brings you cult and classic cartoons and TV shown in United Kingdom over the last 30 or so years. Each entry give a summary or a link to other related sites on the web.

  • Sterling Times - Billed as "A virtual Scrapbook of British Nostalgia." It's about old and vintage radio, television, music and literature. It's about Englishness and patriotism.

  • TV ARK - Started in November 1998, this site is an Online museum dedicated to British Television Logos, Idents, Programs and Presentation. It features a collection of TV jingles, theme tunes and adverts from yesteryear (downloadable in AVI and RealMedia formats).

  • TV Comedy Resources - British website emphasizing the full range of British TV comedy programs.

  • TV Cream - TV Cream is a directory of past television shows from the UK, US, Australia, Europe and beyond, from the 1960s to the 1980s, constructed from found archive material, but mainly from the memories of Cream contributors. See also Little Gems and Smallfilms.

  • TV50 - A smashing collection of British TV Idents, logos, jingles and other television station memorabilia from the years 1950 - 2000.

  • TV Comedy Resources - British website emphasizing the full range of British TV comedy programs.

  • Whirligig- This site features nostalgia from both children and adult programs from 1950's British Television.


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