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TV Resources - Critics & Reviews

DMOZ Directory - Links to News & Media. See also   Yahoo Directory.

  • Fark - A news aggregator and an edited social networking news site. Every day Fark receives 2,000 or so news submissions from its readership. Their slogan: "It's not news, it's Fark."
  • FootnoteTV - This site analyzes the issues and events that inspire popular television shows like The West Wing, Law & Order, South Park and Saturday Night Live and reports on the issues they raise each week. Created by Stephen Lee, a former Chicago reporter turned lawyer, Lee declares "I created FootnoteTV because (a) a lot of my friends and family always had questions about what they were seeing on television, and (b) I believe Internet journalism should be more than a faster wire service and should explore alternatives to complement the breaking-news model." FootnoteTV is part of his larger site, Newsaic.

  • Futon Critic - Billed as "The Web's Best Television resources, the web site creator's proclaim "We watch the bad TV, so you don't have to." They feature links to Breaking News, Shows A-Z, TV on DVD, Rants & Reviews, and Nielsen Ratings.

  • Laurel's TV Picks - Reviews TV shows and offers "Best Bets" and commentary on current and upcoming programs (News, Primetime, Daytime, Late Night). Site has links to archives of past issues, Fall Previews of past seasons, a discussion list for all things related to TV and a comprehensive links page to News Sites, Current TV shows, TV Sites dedicated to reviewing and describing TV shows, Regular Network and Cable Channels, TV Columnists and TV Listing Guides.

  • Parent's Television Council - The mission of the PTC is to bring America’s demand for positive, family-oriented television programming to the entertainment industry. They scientifically monitor Prime Time Television to assist Families with their viewing choices and produce the Family Guide to Prime Time Television

  • Ryan's British TV Show Reviews - Written by a "Yank" from the states, this website is billed as "an American's survival guide to over 650 UK TV shows that have run in England and over the past eleven years."

  • TV Barn - This site is written by Aaron Barnhart, the TV critic at the Kansas City Star. Formerly called Late Show News, the internet site reviews television, and answers questions about classic TV shows.

  • TV Hole - Basically, this daily online 'zine mocks television based on what was on the night before. The site is a part of "Hole City" that is dedicated to " cornering smart-assedness on the Web." They can be lude, crude and like sometimes totally funny dude.

  • TV Tattle - A weblog of TV News and Criticism. Has nice a list of links to many related websites. See also TV Squad

  • TV Urban Legends - A collection of facts, rumors and myths that have been inspired by a number of TV characters. Find out the answers to such questions as "Did the cast of Green Acres eat Arnold the Pig?" or "Was the sitcom Leave the Beaver the first series to show a toilet on TV?." The reference staff at "Urban Legends" scrutinize such stories and tell whether they have any validity. Fun site. Check it out. You'll be surprised what you thought was true just ain't so.

  • Television Without Pity - Formerly called "Mighty Big TV, the mandate of this website is "to give people a place to revel in their guilty tele-visual pleasures. In most cases, we have a complex love/hate relationship with the show, and this site is a way for us to work through those feelings. If we plain hated a show, we wouldn't pay it any attention at all."

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