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TV Resources - Decades

DMOZ Directory - Links to websites covering the time period of the 1990s. See also Google Directory and Yahoo Directory.

  • In the 90s - Website devoted to collecting Music, Movies, Television, World Events and Fads/Fashion that reflect the decade of the 90s. Categories under the television section include Individual TV Shows, Memorable events, Quotes, TV Locations, Commercials, Prime Time Schedules, Saturday Morning TV Schedules, and TV Trivia. See also Retro Junk and Skooldays.

  • Lisa's Nostalgia Cafe - Relive the fads, fashions, music & entertainment of decades gone by (1950s-1990s).

  • When We Were Kids (1990s Nostalgia) - British website chronicling 1990s Television, Movies, People, Culture, Music and Quotes.





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