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TV Resources - General Guides

DMOZ Directory - Links to general television sites on the web. See also Yahoo Directory.

  • - Directory of television related websites and discussion groups.
  • American Television - The place for classic television show trivia, facts, links, and more from the fifties, sixties, seventies, and nineties. See also Nostalgia Central.

  • Cinemedia - The Internet's largest Film & Media Directory with over 25,000 links. Searchable categories include TV, Shows, Networks, Organizations, TV Etc. Cinema., Actors, Video, Magazines, Cinema Etc., New Media, Film, Studios, Schools, Production, Radio, Directors, Theaters, Festivals and Research.

  • Classic TV Shows - Your Home for Classic TV! Accesses info on classic shows from the 1950s through the 1990s. Searchable categories include TV Shows, TV Top 100, TV Theme Songs, TV Store [collectibles], and TV Awards. Also check out Classic TV Archive at or the Classic TV Archives.

  • Crossover and Spin-offs - Impressive collection of TV series that were spin-offs of another series [as in Happy Days begat Joanie Loves Chachi etc.] or shows whose characters crossed over to another series [as when Ursula Buffay, the incompetent waitress from Mad About You series crossed over to the Friends sitcom].

  • DigiGuideLibrary - One of the most comprehensive human reviewed television information sites on the Internet. They have over  2000+ featured programs and 17000+ links to web sites and related programs, with more being added every day.

  • Famous Locations - 1000's of Famous Locations across the world 1000's of movies and movie stars - past and present. An incredible fun-packed research experience for everyone including ; movie fans, tourists, students of geography and modern history.

  • Favorite TV Moms - Biography Channel chronicles the favorite TV Moms of the 1950s, 1960s,1970s,1980s, 1990s & 2000s.

  • Hollywood.Com "Isn't it time you went to Hollywood?"  - Site categories include News, Movies, Celebs, TV [Behind the scenes, reviews, family entertainment and features], Showtimes [Theater listing and times nationwide], Shopping, Music and Multimedia.

  • In the 70s, 80s & 90s - Website devoted to collecting Music, Movies, Television, World Events and Fads/Fashion that reflect the decades of the 70-90s. Categories under the television section include Individual TV Shows, Memorable events, Quotes, TV Locations, Commercials, Prime Time Schedules, Saturday Morning TV Schedules, and TV Trivia. Note: Website owner openly solicits contributions to help develop his site.

  • Infinite Coolness Website - Nice entertainment site with great photographs and cool links. Categories include movies, television, vampire art, cartoons, screensavers, image sources, and Stephen King. Most of the entries are from classic science fiction or fantasy with a sprinkling of popular and classic sitcoms. The title graphic of each show is linked to the best site about the show.

  • Lisa's Nostalgia Cafe - Relive the fads, fashions, music & entertainment from the 1950s, 1960s, 1970s and 1980s.

  • IMDB - Internet Movie Database - This site contains information about movies and television. It is great for finding TV information if you need the name of the characters or actors who played in the series, a brief synopsis of the plot, as well as the years it aired. The IMDB also has links to the TV show's official websites and offers a sampling of funny and memorable quotations from both film and TV shows.

  • The Network & Cable TV Guide - A wonderful collection of TV show summaries, some with TV Theme songs recreated on electronic music, that aired on television from as close to the beginning of TV itself until the near-present. The site's goal is simple: "use it for answers to trivia questions that might come up or just look over the dozen's of TV shows here and maybe you'll say "Hey, I remember that show!!!" Hopefully, some good memories will be brought back!

  • Open Directory - Web Ring links to various sites that chronicle TV programs.
  • Retroland - This cool site continues a site called Yesterdayland that closed in 2002. You can access what was Yesterdayland at the Internet Archives (not many pictures, though) at The Internet Archives harvests and digitally stores (as an historical record) what "was" on the "web" in their Internet Archives Wayback Machine. So, even though Yesterdayland is now defunct, remnants of its web pages are still available to browse. See also Skooldays.

  • Special TV Resources - Formerly the Internet TV Resources Guide, this site calls itself  "a constantly updated and extensive list of TV-related links" Its index categories include Actors, Bookstores, Commercials, General Sites, Magazines, Networks, Shows, Usenet, as well as links to entertainment news and trivia sites for entertainment and sports.

  • Starseeker - Gives quick access to a variety of subjects relating to TV shows including links to official TV show sites, fan sites, professional resources, episode guides, newsgroups and related links. Among other bit of information like Actors & Actresses | Directors | Movies | Music | News | Television
  • Sterling Times - This "virtual scrapbook of British Nostalgia" includes a short but sweet section on television & radio.

  • Television FAQs - Links to a number of websites that offer FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) on popular TV shows. A treasure trove of information and trivia.

  • Television Heaven - Nice Site devoted to a variety of topics including Classic Sci-Fi Adventure and Drama, Comedy Classics from Britain and  the USA, Television History and TV Greats, Television Collectibles, The Latest TV News and Your Top Shows of All Times.

  • TKTV  - Provides TV news, newsletters, archives and links to popular TV shows.

  • - Formerly TV Tome, offers episode guides. characters and cast information to thousands of TV shows.

  • TV Party - This site contains stories about the early TV shows once fondly watched by the baby boomer generation. The site home page is filled with large photographic icons that offer doorways into such topics as Classic Car Commercials, Game Shos of the 50s, Superheroes, Mysteries and Scandals, Saturday Mornings and Back to the 80s.

  • TV Pointers - List of TV related web sites.

  • TV-World.Net : "Your Place For Television Shows" - This site pulls together lots of references including official websites, FAQs, Episode Guides, Sound, Filmography, Discussions, Downloads, Videos and Links.


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