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TV Resources - Children's Programs

  • DMOZ Directory - Nice collection of children's program links with additional quick links to "Children's" on other search engines at the bottom of the webpage.  See also Yahoo Directory.
  • TV Acres - List of Children's Show Hosts.

  • Chicago Kids Shows - Web site created by Rich Samuels that spotlights some of the kids programs that aired in the city of Chicago in the early days of television. See also Atlanta TV Kids' Hosts of the 1960s and Tulsa TV Memories.

  • Classic Kids TV - Descriptions and images from a number of classic children's shows that aired in Britain and the United States. There's not a lot of background information (show credits, who supplied voices, etc.) but a nice nostalgic browse.
  • 4KIDS - Play games, watch full-length TV shows, have fun, make friends, collect daily stamps, catch up on the Buzz, chat with others, and much more!

  • Heartland Kids Classic  - Local Children's TV Shows from the Midwest with links to local shows in other regions of the country. 

  • Kids TV - British site devoted to children's programs aired in the United Kingdom but includes many shows that also aired in the United States.

  • Jedi's Paradise - For Children's TV from the Past. The site helps big kids and their children remember and reminisce about the children's shows they grew up with.

  • Little Gems - This site is dedicated to the "Little Gems" of children's television programs that have long faded into memory.

  • Local Legends - Come visit the Local Los Angeles area's TV hosts and hostesses of the past 40 years from their home in cyberspace. Hobo Kelly, Sheriff John, Shrimpenstein, Vampira, Elvira, and many, many more!

  • Nick Jr. - Provides links to music, games, stories and information about popular kid's programs like Blue's Clues Oswald (the Octopus), Bob the Builder, Dora and Little Bill.  Nick Jr. is a subsidiary of The Nickelodeon Cable Network.

  • PBS Kids - Public Broadcasting website with links to fun and games as well as to a number of their more popular children's programs like Barney, Dragon Tales, Mr. Rogers and ZOOM.


  • Sausagenet - This British website brings you cult and classic cartoons and TV shown in United Kingdom over the last 30 or so years. Each entry give a summary or a link to other related sites on the web. Many of the shows also aired in the United States. A very nice site, indeed.

  • 70s Children's TV - This web site features  Kids Shows and Cartoons and audio treasures, plus a lot of contributions from other 70s kids.

  • 70s Live Action - A tribute to Saturday morning shows of the 1970s. Spotlights live action shows like Ark II, Bugaloos, Ghostbusters, H.R. Pufnstuf, Isis, Lidsville, and Wonderbug.

  • When We Were Kids - British website that features a section on all the classic children's television moments that we remember from when we were kids. 

See also "Cartoons"


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