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TV Resources - Science Fiction

DMOZ Directory - Links to classic TV Sci-Fi Series. See also Yahoo Directory.
  • ClassicSciFi.Com - Home of the best science fiction movies of yesterday and today. Tells what Sci-Fi, Horror and Fantasy is playing on TV and gives links to related science fiction websites.

  • - The Encyclopedia of Fantastic Film and Television is a comprehensive database of science fiction, horror, fantasy and animation in cinema and television. Casting its net back over 100 years and across every film industry in the world, the Encyclopedia is truly global in scope and encompasses everything from the first flickering black and white images to state-of-the-art multimedia presentations.

  • Frank Harris' Pulp Culture Online - There is a nice collection of Sci-Fi & Fantasy and Entertainment News Links at the bottom of this web page.

  • HobbySpace - (Space TV - Exploring Space in the Tube) lists some of the television programs that involved solar-system based space exploration and that maintained at least some degree of technological plausibility. We look at both solar science fiction and non-fiction space programs.

  • Mission and Spacecraft Library - The JPL Mission and Spacecraft Library is a public source for information about spacecraft. All kinds of spacecraft. Big spacecraft, small spacecraft, and spy satellites from all countries on the globe. The purpose of the library is to provide a general overview of these space missions to the average reader, not just those fluent in aerospace geek speak.

  • Roaring Rockets - Devoted to 1950s science fiction programs like Captain Video, Tom Corbett, Space Cadet and Space Patrol.

  • Sci-Fi Channel - Cable television channel specializing in science fiction, fantasy, horror, and paranormal programs. Sites feature official pages, previews, forums, program schedules, and interviews with the Sci-Fi stars. See also SCIFIPEDIA.

  • Science Fiction on Television in the 1950s -Links and show summaries to such programs like Buck Rogers, Flash Gordon, Johnny Jupiter and Tales of Tomorrow.

  • - Home of SPACE: The Imagination Station,  a cable-delivered Canadian, 24 hour, English-language specialty channel owned and operated by the CHUM Ltd. SPACE's programming falls into four main subject areas: Science Fiction, Science Fact, Speculation and Fantasy. Our programming features a mix of movies, documentaries, and series both current and classic. SPACE also produces several original programs that air as SpaceFlow items throughout the day.

  • The Trek Modelers Reference Guide - This page serves as a collection point for information - pictorial, interpretive, and tips - about modeling the ships of the Star Trek universe. Fabulous collection of spaceship pictures from the series.

  • Ultimate Science Fiction TV Site  - The TV resources in this database include  361 TV shows and or hotlinks, [184 US television shows and 161 shows with no hotlinks].


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