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TV Resources - Trivia

  • Fiftiesweb - Trivia and games based on 1950s TV and Pop History.

  • Fun Trivia - The Trivia Portal - Welcome to the World's Largest Trivia Site. Hundreds of thousands of questions. Over 20,000 games. Has sections on Celebrities, Animals, Movies and Television.

  • Sharon's Trivia Challenge - Take a M*A*S*H trivia challenge.

  • - This site has a "Play the Trivia Game" section. Note: You have to answer the questions within a certain period of seconds. The right answer appears on the monitor after the allotted time has past.

  • Television FAQs - Links to a number of websites that offer FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) on popular TV shows. A treasure trove of information and trivia.

  • Trivia Guy - Online trivia games for a number of categories including TV and Movies. Site written by Wilson Casey, Guinness World Record Holder in "Trivia" and a former contestant on Primetime's "Weakest Link" TV game show.

  • TV & Movie Trivia Tribute - Groups of 20 questions on TV and movie Trivia with answers available at the click of a button at the bottom of each page.

  • TV Trivia Links - This site links to 150 TV quiz sites on the web. There are trivia quizzes on shows like Ally McBeal, Get Smart, Gilligan's Island, 7th Heaven, The Prisoner, Seinfeld, Star Trek, and X-Files.


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