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Twins & Triplets          = Cartoons/Animation/Puppets
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Wonder Twins Zan & Jayna
(Morphing Cartoon Twin Superheroes from the planet Exxor)
Voice of Mike Well & Liberty Williams All New Super Friends Hour/ABC/1977
"The Dancing Twins" seen in a bar Steve & Eric Cohen Ally McBealFOX/1007-2002
Happy & Pee Wee, the non-identical twin mascots for the Anderson Soup Company that premiered on TV in 1957. Happy & Pee-Wee who greeted the audience with a friendly "Hiya, soup fans everywhere." The twin's voices were provided by those zany radio comedians, Bob Elliot and Ray Goulding Anderson Soup Company Ads
Tommy & Timmy Tibble
"The Terrible Tibble Twins" (Cartoon Aardvarks)
Voice of
Jonathan Koensgen  & Ricky Mabe
B1 & B2 (Identical talking Banana characters decked out in blue-striped pajamas. To distinguish one from the other, they have B1 and B2 monograms on their clothing. B1 & B2 live on Cuddle Avenue). Voice of Ken Radley &
Nicholas Opolski
Bananas in Pajamas/SYN/1992
Pip & Pop (Blue Muppet Weasels) Voice of Peter Linz & Tyler Bunch Bear in the Big Blue House/DIS/1997
Jethro Bodine & his look-alike backwoods sister, Jethrine Bodine Max Baer, Jr.
(in dual role)
Beverly Hillbillies/CBS/1962-71
Brenda & Brandon Walsh
(Fraternal Teenage Twins move from Minneapolis to Beverly Hills, CA)
Shannon Doherty & Jason Priestley Beverly Hills 90210/FOX/1990-2000.
Samantha Stephens & her mischievous witch cousin, Serena (in a dark wig) Elizabeth Montgomery (in dual role) Bewitched/ABC/1964-72
Tabitha Stephens, the daughter of Samantha & Darrin Stephens Diane and Erin Murphy, fraternal twin sisters who shared the role of Tabitha Stephens from 1966-72. Bewitched/ABC/1964-72
Teri & Geri Garrison
(Pretty Twin Truck Drivers)
Candi & Randi Brough B.J. & the Bear/NBC/1979-81
Bob the Builder & his twin brother Tom the Zoologist (Puppet Twins) Voice of Neil Morrissey Bob the Builder/NIK/1999
Larry & Lorena Garcia
(11-year-old twins in San Antonio)
Alvin Alvarez &
Vaneza Leza Pitynski.
Brothers Garcia/NIK/2000-2003
The chubby, cherub-faced twin mascots for the Campbell Soup Company. In the 1950s Campbell soup twins first appeared on commercials produced for such highly rated shows as LASSIE and promoted their wholesomeness in ads touting the slogan "M'm! M'm! Good! M'm! M'm! Good!, That's what Campbell's soups are, M'm! M'm! Good!" The Campbell Soup twins were created by Philadelphia illustrator, Grace Wiederseim in 1904 for a series of streetcar advertisements. No Voice Credits Campbell Soup Ads 
Kevin & John, a pair of obnoxious young twins who belong to widowed Boston contractor Chuck Cavanaugh. Danny Cooksey & Parker  Jacobs The Cavanaughs/CBS/1986-89
Jesse & Elvis,  the 7th and 8th born children of waitress Carla Tortelli fathered by Eddie LeBec. Never seen, they were referred to as "Slobbering" and "The Gruesome Twosome." No actors available Cheers/NBC/1982-93
Beautiful pair of blue-eyed blonde twin corporate mascots who represent the Coors Beer Company. The Twins first appeared in ads during the 2002-2003 NFL season. The Twins attended Leicester High School in Worcester, Massachusetts and recently had a cameo in the horror spoof Scary Movie 3.

Lyrics from Movie Promo

I love
"Scary Movie 3"
Women on TV
A party that's jumpin'
And twins

I love
Friends who stay in touch
Screamin' heard too much
A white boy who's rappin'
And twins

And I love you, too

Announcer: Check out the Coors-Light twins in
"Scary Movie 3."

Diane and Elaine Klimaszewski (They're actually in their thirties but billed as 26-year-old twins).


Coors Light Twins

Lyrics from Coors-Light Ad

I love playing two-hand touch
Eating way too much
Watching my team win
With the twins

I love quarterbacks eating dirt
Pom-poms and short skirts
Fans who won’t quit
And those twins

And I love you, too!
Here’s to football!

Alternate ad lyrics:

I love football on TV
Shots of Gina Lee
Hanging with my friends
And twins

I love burritos at four a.m.
Parties that never end
Dogs that love cats
And...and twins

And I love you, too
Here's to love songs!

Nelson & Winnie (Born 11/10/1988 Twins of Sondra Huxtable Tibideaux and her husband, Elvin Tibideaux Nelson is played by twins, Christopher and Clayton Griggs; Winnie is played by twins, Monique and Domonique Reynolds. The Cosby Show/NBC/1984-92
Lucien & Wayne Cramp
(10-year-old twins. Lucien wears the glasses; Wayne is the troublemaker)
Voice of Tom Kenny & Wayne Soucie The Cramp Twins/FOX/2003
Erica & Heather Farrell
(Identical Teenage Twins)
Angela & Maureen Deiseach (Angela is older by six minutes) DeGrassi Junior High (Degrassi High)/SYN/1987-91
Porter and Preston, Lynette Scavo's uncontrollable twins Brent and Shane Kinsman Desperate Housewives/ABC/2004+
 Kate & Allison Foster
(Identical Female Teenage Twins)
Jean & Liz Sagal Double Trouble/NBC/1984-85.
Doublemint Twins Jayne and Joan Boyd (original Doublemint Twins). Others twins to play the part included Patricia "Tricia" & Cyb Barnstable, Cynthia and Brittany Daniel and Heidi and Alissa Kramer. Doublemint Chewing Gum TV Ads
Will Jordon, an impressionist, did such an uncanny impersonation of Ed Sullivan and his mannerisms, that when they stood side-by-side on the stage, you'd think they were twins. Will Jordon (look-alike of Ed Sullivan) The Ed Sullivan Show/
Tom & Annie Edison
(Teen Brother/Sister Sleuths)
Andrew Sabiston & Marnie McPhail The Edison Twins/CBC
Tess & Kate (Born November 25, 1999 - Twin baby girls of Nurse Carol Hathaway and Dr. Doug Ross) No Actor Credits ER/NBC/1994+
Michael & Geoffrey Barone
(Twin Two-Year-Old Boys)
Sawyer & Sullivan Sweeten Everybody Loves Raymond/CBS/1996-2005
Buffy & Jody Davis
(Freckled Twin Brother
& Sister)
Anissa Jones &
Johnnie Whitaker
Family Affair/CBS/1966-71
Buffy & Jody Davis Sacha Pieterse &
Luke Benward/Jimmy "Jax" Pinchak
Family Affair/WB/2002-03
Steven Quincy 'Steve' Urkel and his look-alike alter ego Stefan Urkelle who was created in a science experiment gone wrong. Steve is a total nerd while Stefan is his complete opposite - an ultra cool hunk. Jaleel White
(in a dual role)
Family Matters/ABC/1989-98
Two Unseen Mischievous Twins Always In Trouble No Actor Credits The Five Buchanans/CBS/1994-95
Chip and Roxy Rubble, the twin babies of Pebbles Flintstone and Bamm-Bamm Rubble. Roxy, a towhead, inherited her father's strength and Chip is a redheaded boy. The twins were born at the conclusion of the two-hour TV-Movie "Hollyrock-A-Bye Baby." No Voice Credits The Flintstones/ABC/1993 TV-Movie "Hollyrock-A-Bye Baby"
Ben and Beau, a couple of friendly brothers (who happened to be dwarfs) living in San Francisco. They were the landlords of a beautiful librarian. In reality, the Rice Brothers were successful real estate entrepreneurs. See also "That **** Quiz Show."   Gregory D. "Greg" & John E. Rice Foul Flay/ABC/1981
Nicky & Alex Katsopolis
(Twin Baby Boys)
Blake Tuomy-Wilhoit &
Dylan Tuomy Wilhoit

Note: Twin sisters Mary-Kate & Ashley Fuller Olsen alternately played the role of Michelle Tanner

Full House/ABC/1987-95
Phoebe & Ursula Buffay
(Identical Female Twins)
Lisa Kudrow
(in dual role)
Frank, Jr. Jr,, Leslie and a girl named Chandler (Triplets born to Phoebe Buffay. She became a surrogate mother for her brother Frank and his wife who could not conceived. When the babies were born, Phoebe asked for just of the children but her request was refused. Triplets played by seven-month-old quads, Alexis III, Paul, Cole and Justin Cimoch. Friends/NBC/1994-2004

"Wow, you three look so much alike you could be twins." - Notch Johnson, Son of the Beach

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