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Twin babies (boy & girl) of spies Maxwell Smart and Agent 99 born November 14, 1969. The names of the twins were never revealed. But, the 1995 Fox revival series had one of the Smart twins, Zach, now a Control Agent (played by Andy Dick). Played by male twins, the Everling brothers. Get Smart/NBC/1965-70
Patrick Kelly, the 8 month old child of divorced single parent Grace Kelly Dylan & Cole Sprouse (baby twins shared the role of Patrick) Grace Under Fire/ABC/1993-98
Christopher Hapgood Day, a.k.a. "Happy", a cute little baby boy who lived in a Palm Springs motel with his father Chris, the manager and his wife, Sandy. The show's gimmick had infant Happy talking to the TV audience about the goings on in the motel and his daily life. Twins David & Steven Born played the role of Happy. Loene Ledoux provided Happy's voice. Happy/NBC/1960-61
Twins Fred & Gladys Swine, one of the many people who lived in the fictional Ohio town of Mount Idy  (population 308). During his comedy program HOBBY LOBBY/ABC/1959-60 Charlie Weaver would tell folksy stories about his rural hometown. Voiced by
Uncle Charlie Weaver
(a.k.a. Cliff Arguette)
Hobby Lobby/ABC/1959-60
Willie & Mark Hogan
(12-year-old fraternal twins)
Danny Ponce &
Jeremy Licht
The Hogan Family/NBC/
Helen & Hannah Moore, blond girl twins who move from London to a farm in the Village of Doveton, England. The British TV series is based on the "Home Farm Twins" books written by Jenny Oldfield Sophie and Polly Duniam Home Farm Twins/BBC/1999-2000
Claire and Gracie, the daughters of Tim's brother, Marty, and wife, Nancy During the show's 7th and 8th seasons, two sets of twins shared the roles of the twin girls - Kaitlyn and Kristen Hooper and Lindsey and Ashley Trefger. Home Improvement/ABC/1991-99
Jeannie the Genie & her wicked twin sister, Jeannie (in a dark wig)    Barbara Eden
(in dual role)
I Dream of Jeannie/NBC/1965-70
Little Ricky Ricardo (Baby son of Lucy & Ricky Ricardo) Joseph David & Michael Lee Mayer I Love Lucy/CBS/1951-61
Jacob and Joshua Miller, two openly gay twins who starred on this reality series for the LOGO Network Jacob and Joshua Miller Jacob & Joshua: Nemesis Rising/LOG/2006
Harvey Lubbock, toddler of Coach Graham T. Lubbock and his wife, Elizabeth. Twins Jeremy & Jason Korstjens (alternately played the role) Just the Ten of Us/ABC/1988-90
Garthe Knight, the look-alike nemesis of Michael Knight.  Garthe is the evil son of deceased millionaire Wilton Knight who began the Foundation for Law & Government (FLAG). David Hasselhoff
(in a dual role)
Knight Rider/NBC/1982-86
Twin babies of Val and her ex, Gary Ewing. (Born during the 1984-85 season. The twins were stolen from the hospital and sold into the black market scheme but later retrieved) No Actor Credits Knots Landing/CBS/1979-93
Elizabeth, the cute little toddler of Lenny and Shelly Callahan Played by the Farmer Twins.
 (Hall Twins in the pilot).
Carrie Ingalls, the third daughter of Charles and Caroline Ingalls living in Walnut Grove, Minnesota. The role of Carrie was played by a pair of identical twins. Lindsay & Sidney Greenbush (Played alternately from 1974-82) Little House on the Prairie/NBC/1974-83
Grace Ingalls, baby daughter (fourth) of Charles and Caroline Ingalls living in Walnut Grove, Minnesota. The role of Grace was played by a pair of twins. Wendi & Brenda Turnbeaugh
(Played alternately from 1978-82)
Little House on the Prairie/NBC/1974-83
Jennifer ("Jenny") Oleson Dalton Cohen and Benjamin ("Benny") Oleson Dalton Cohen, the twins of Nellie Oleson Dalton and her husband Percival Dalton (a.k.a. Isaac Cohen). The twins were born in 1884. (?) Little House on the Prairie/NBC/1974-83
Scott & Jason Collins (Twin Brothers move from New York City to live with their father in California) Trevor Merszei &
 Jason Hayes
Malibu, CA/SYN/1998-2000
Mary-Kate & Ashley (Secret agent cartoon twins) Voice of Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen Mary-Kate & Ashley: In Action!/ABC/2001
Mindy & Cindy Stage (Red-headed eight-year-old terror twins) Daniella and Deanna Canterman Maybe It's You/WB/2001-02
Bilblup and Bob, a.k.a. "The Twins,"   two small, bony outer space creatures with eight arms each and a single eye growing out of a central stalk in their heads. Now living on Earth, the twins monitor other aliens and help the Men in Black operate the big MIB HQ screen display. The twins keep the MIB on Alpha Centaurian time -- a 37-hour day. Voice of Pat Finney & Pat Fraley Men in Black: The Series /WB/1997-2001
Jefferson "Big Twin" & Fennimore "Little Twin" Monroe (13-year-old Pioneer Twin Brothers) Keith & Kevin Schultz The Monroes/ABC/1966-67
Triplets born to Robbie Douglas and his wife Katie in the fall of 1968. Their names were Steve Jr., Charley & Robbie II. Joseph, Michael and Daniel Todd My Three Sons/ABC/CBS/1960-72
Fergus McBain Douglas (Steve Douglas' Scottish look-alike cousin who visited in the fall of 1971). Fred MacMurray
(in dual role)
My Three Sons/ABC/CBS/1960-72
Jonah Samuel and Eve Catherine. Twins born to Fran Fine and her husband Maxwell Sheffield on the final two-part episode aired on May 12 and May 19, 1999. Firstborn Jonah was named after Fran's great grandfather; Eve was named for Max's great grandmother. No Actor Credits The Nanny/CBS/1993-99
Matthew Brock's twin brother Andrew  (who looks nothing like Mathew) John Stewart NewRadio/NBC/1995-99
Treezle Bee & Treezle Dee (Twin Puppet bears who live in a tree house in Ooberry Forest) Voice ? Ni Ni's Tree House/TLC/2001
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