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The Hurry Up Twins on "The Lester Guy Show" Raleigh & Raymond Friend On The Air/ABC/1992
Jason & Shane Richards, two 8-year-old twins who were orphaned when their parents died in a plane crash. They and their three other siblings live in Chicago with their aunt and an inept angel from heaven named Random.  Jason & Shane Keller Out of the Blue/ABC/1979
Patty & Cathy Lane . Identical Female Teenage Cousins. Patty Loves Rock and Roll, and a hot dog makes her loose control, while Cathy adores the minuet, the Ballet Russe, and crêpes suzettes...what a crazy pair) Patty Duke (in dual role). Split screen camera techniques (later used on the series BEWITCHED and I DREAM OF JEANNIE to simulate twin sisters) were used to sandwich both Patty and Cathy together on the same screen. However, when the scene called for a back shot (shooting over the shoulder of one actress while the other faced the camera) actress Rita McLaughlin was used as a stand-in double completing the illusion of one talking to the other. The Patty Duke Show
Tracey & Trevor Nash
(Seven-year-old Twin Brothers)
Joe & Jeff Fithian Please Don't Eat The Daisies/NBC/1965-67
Bebe and Cece Proud (Cartoon Twins) Voice of Tara Strong The Proud Family/DIS/2001-2005
Betty I & Betty II , sexy identical co-pilots of  the 23rd century starship. (One of whom was the clone of the other). Patricia "Tricia" &
Cyb Barnstable
The Nab Twins, yellow-capped teenage puppet trolls who live in Troller's Ghyll Valley, the  enchanted home of a bunch of crazy knee-high English trolls. The twins have an awful rock band called "Cattle Grid." Voice credits ? Roger & the Rottentrolls
Phillip 'Phil' & Lillian 'Lil' DeVille (Cartoon baby twins - one and a half year olds) Voice of Kath Soucie The Rugrats/NIK/1991-2004
Identical Twins Travis Peterson & Nick Carelli (Adopted by different families) Travis was murdered shortly after his marriage to Reese Burton. Nick shows up at the end of the first season. George Eads
(in a dual role)
Sam & David
(Twin Baby Boys)
Lorenzo & Nikolas Brino (They were actually two quadruplets) 7th Heaven/WB/1996-2007
Nancy & Chuck - Cartoon Characters
(Twins Transported To Ancient Persia)
Voices of Janet Waldo & Jerry Dexter Shazzan!/CBS/1967-69
Selma & Patty Bouvier
(Blue-Haired Cartoon Twins)
Voice of Julie Kavner The Simpsons/FOX/1989+
Terri & Sherri (Purple-haired cartoon twin sisters) Voice of Russi Taylor The Simpsons/FOX/1989+
Bonus: Octuplets (Born to Apu Nahasapeemapetilon and his wife, Manjula after taking fertility drugs. The children's names were Poonam, Gheet, Sashi, Pria, Uma, Anoop, Sandeep & Nabendu No voice credits The Simpsons/FOX/1989+
Tamera Campbell
& Tia Landry
(Teen Twin Sisters Reunited)
Tamera & Tia Mowry Sister, Sister/ABC/1994-95/WB/1995-99.
Riley & Chloe Carlson Mary-Kate &
Ashley Olsen
So Little Time/FOX/ABC/2001-02
Gabe & Sam Bergman
(Fraternal Twins)
Ian Bottiglieri &
Carl Michael Lindner
Something Wilder/NBC/1994-95
Angela Hamilton and John Palmer (a.k.a. Scott Edwards) were twins born out of an affair between well-to-do Patricia Hamilton and working class David Palmer. When the twins were born Patricia took Angela and David raised John. Years later, Angela and John fall in love, not knowing they are brother and sister. Ally Fowler &
Peter Phelps
Sons & Daughters/AUS/1982-87
(Produced by Grundy Organisation & aired on the 7 Network)
Lt. Cmd. Data and Lore, identical androids created by cybernetic genius Noonien Soong. On episode No. 153 "Descent, Part II" Data deactivated his rouge brother, Lore. In the spin-off film Star Trek: Nemesis (2002), another identical but less sophisticated prototype of Data named B-4 surfaced right before Data died in a space explosion. Brent Spiner
(in a dual role)
Star Trek: The Next Generation/SYN/ 1987-94
Meghan and Jenny Delaney, stellar cartographers aboard the starship Voyager seen in the 5th season episode  "Thirty Days" in Tom Paris' Captain Proton holodeck program as the Twin Mistresses of Evil, Demonica and Malicia. Their characters were previously mentioned in episodes "Time and Again," "The Chute" and "Prime Factors."  According to the show's script, the twins "did everything as a pair.". Jenny, the one with the alleged voracious sexual appetite liked Ensign Harry Kim, but he prefers Meghan. Heidi and Alissa Kramer Star Trek:Voyager/UPN.1995-2001
Identical twins Zack and Cody Martin live in a suite at the Tipton Hotel in Boston. Their mother, Carey is a lounger singer at the hotel. Dylan and Cole Sprouse Suite Life of Zack and Cody/DIS/2005-2008
Cynthia & Brittany Daniel (16-Year-Old Twin Sisters - One Shy/One Flirt) Elizabeth "Liz" Wakefield &
Jessica Wakefield
Sweet Valley High/SYN/1994-98
Twin brothers, Greg & John Rice (both little people) hosted this short-lived game show. Gregory D. "Greg" & John E. Rice That **** Quiz Show/SYN/1982 
Wilykit & WilyKat, feline alien twins from planet Thundara who crash-landed with their comrades on Third Earth and now battle the evil mutant forces of  Mumm-Ra, the Ever-Living Voice of Lynne Lipton &
Peter Newman
The Bee Twins, female hybrids of a  human & bee who work as hench people for the evil superhero El Seed. They always act and speak in unison. Voice of Pat Musick The Tick/FOX/1994-96
Twin Sisters appeared weekly. Their  Show Catchphrase: "Which Twin Has the Toni?" Toni is a hair care product. In the print ads that first appeared in 1946, one twin had a Toni home permanent and one had a professional salon permanent, but the $24.00 professional permanent was indistinguishable from the $2.00 home permanent. "Toni" made a permanent wave available to countless women who could never afford one before. Arlene & Ardelle Terry Toni Twin Time/CBS/1950
Tony and Shep Thomas, two identical twins who own a detective agency. They become involved with murder while exposing a phony group of psychics. Trivia Note: Lillian Gish, a veteran actress of both silent and talkie motion pictures made her television debut in this made-for-television movie. She played the role of Billy Jo Haskins. Twins Jim & Jon Hager Twin Detectives/ABC/ 1976 (TV-Movie aired May 1, 1976)
Gus McClain & Booth Hubbard (Identical Brother Frames His Twin For Murder) Michael Easton
(in dual role)
Mary-Kate & Ashley Burke (Twin 11-Year-Old Girls of Widowed College Professor Mary-Kate &
Ashley Olsen
Two Of A Kind/ABC/1998-99
Girl twins Robin and Rachel (Born to teacher Gabe Kotter and his wife, Julie during the three episodes aired on September 15 (two shows) and 22, 1977. No actor credits Welcome Back, Kotter
Willy & Jenny Woodentop, puppet twins who lived in the country with their family The Woodentops. The family drama consisted of Mummy, Daddy, Baby Woodentop, the twins and a hound called Spotty Dog. They were all marionettes. Voices by Eileen Browne, Josephina Ray and Peter Hawkins. The Woodentops/BBC/1955-58 (part of the "Watch With Mother" program)
Jack & Jane Cooper
(Fraternal Brother & Sister)
Michael Rosenbaum & Azura Skye Zoe, Duncan, Jack & Jane/WB/1999-2000
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