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Hello Friends and TV Fact Fans.

 This section is no longer updated.

All new articles are now added directly to the site. New articles are spotlighted on the "What's New at TV Acres" page.  After that, the information can be found by either browsing the subject categories or using the site search engine. Although this particular log is defunct, it's still fun to browse. Enjoy!



October 18 Norman the Troll - The Book Books & Print Materials
Sept. 12 Fictional Bowling Teams Social Groups


April 28 Next - A movie review Archives
March 29 Courage the Cowardly Dog Cartoon Canines
March 28 "We're the Whacko's from Waco" - New song about the Texas Frontier My Songs
March 18 Premonition (2007) Starring Sandra Bullock Movie Review: Premonition
March 07 Chin-Chin and Paw-Paw - Chow dogs seen on GILMORE GIRLS Dogs - Chow
January 5 Harry Dresden -  Wizard turned Private Detective Horror - Wizards

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