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What's New in the Database?
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Hello Friends and TV Fact Fans.
 Here are the latest sections added to the site.



Dec. 30 Nimrod the Lizard - as seen on the sci-fi drama "Surface" Nimrod the Lizard
Dec 29 Backup the dog - as seen on the detective drama "Veronica Mars" Dogs - Pit Bulls
Dec 27 Faye Emerson Classic TV Babes
Dec 25 Michael Scofield's Tattoo - as seen on the FOX drama "Prison Break" TV Character Tattoos
Dec 23 The Book - as seen on the sci-fi cartoon "Time Warp Trio" Science Fiction Books
Dec 20 Barney's "Lemon Law" of Dating Sex - Dating Rules
Dec. 16 The Carver Serial Killers & Rapists
Dec. 14 Zat'Nik'Atel Weapon Weapons
Dec. 13 M.A.L.P Robot Robots
Dec 11 It's A Winter Festival (For us All) Music - My Songs
Dec 07 Bruce Lee Statue Statues & Fountains
Dec 06 Playboy Bunnies Classic TV Babes
Dec 05 Diagnostic Repair Drone (DRD) Robots
Dec 01 The "Festivus" Book Hunt Articles Archive
Nov 28 The "STACKED" Affair Articles Archive
Nov 23 EEW! That Must Have Hurt! Articles Archive
Nov 14 LOST: What's it all about ABC? Articles Archive
Nov 13 Animal Actors Revisited Articles Archive
Nov 06 Roger Thomas - as seen on the sitcom "What's Happening!! TV Character Bios
Nov 01 Attack of the Killer 3-D Glasses Articles Archive
Oct 23 "It's October" - a new song My Songs
Oct 18 TV Actors - Suicide TV Actors - Suicide
Oct 13 Capital One Barbarians Advertising Mascots - People
Oct 12 Tarzan Yell (Updated) Signals: Verbal & Visual
Oct. 05 Mathematicians (New Category) Occupations & Lifestyles
Oct. 04 Creatures - Miscellaneous (Revised) Creatures - Miscellaneous
Sept.13 Garrison's Gorillas (New) Military Shows
Sept 12 Passwords & Combinations (Revised) Codes - Passwords & Combinations
Aug 12 Military Shows - New Section Military Shows
Aug 05 Home Improvement Shows - List of Current and Past Shows (New) Home Improvement Shows
Aug 01 Streaming Video Resources (New) TV Resources
July 31 Dinosaurs (Revised & Updated) Reptiles - Dinosaurs
July 26 Transexuals on TV & in the Movies Sex - Taboos
July 25 Lizards (Revised) Reptiles - Lizards
July 23 Police & Law Enforcement  (Revised) Police & Law Enforcement
July 20 "A Note to Actress Shelley Long"


July 18 Part 2 -"My Fourth of July Vacation" - a ride through the Midwest during that Patriotic time of year. Articles
July 17 "The Pledge of Allegiance" - as recited by comedian Red Skelton Oaths & Pledges
July 15 "Cruisin' on a Summer Afternoon" - A visit to the Swigart Automobile
July 10 "My Fourth of July Vacation" - a ride through the Midwest during that Patriotic time of year. Articles
July 06 Morton's Salt Girl - as seen on TV and Print ads Admascots - People
June 26 Perfumes & Fragrances (Revised) Perfumes & Fragrances
June 25 Brawny Lumberjack - as seen on Brawny Towel & Napkin ads Admascots - People
June 20 "My Delicious Relationships" - Articles Archive Series Articles
June 19 Bewitched Statue - Dedicated by the TV LAND cable channel Statues & Fountains
June 17 Bob Newhart Statue - Dedicated by TV LAND cable channel Statues & Fountains
June 15 Andy Griffith Statue - Dedicated by the TV LAND cable channel Statues & Fountains
June 12 Miles Thirst - as seen on Sprite Soda ad - "Show 'em my motto!" Admascots - Objects
June 06 "Sex Sells (Duh!)" - Some sexy/sexist ads from days past. Articles
June 03 The Gorton's Fisherman - as seen on Gorton's seafood ads Admascots - People
May 30 "Cliffhangers" - Overview of classic TV cliffhangers.


May 26 Orville Redenbacher - as seen on his Popcorn Commercials Admascots - People
May 22 Snack Fairy - as seen on Nabisco TV commercials Admascots - People
May 17 Mrs. Paul's - as seen on her Seafood TV commercials Admascots - People
May 15 Burger King - as seen on Burger King print & TV ad spots Admascots - People
May 09. Dragons - Cartoon and Live Action characters  - Spot Puff Dudley Scorch etc. Reptiles - Dragons
May 05 Rules & Regulations - Sci-Fi Rules Spawned by TV shows like "Star Trek" "Red Dwarf"... Rules & Regulations
May 01 "Letters from Momma" - as read by Charley Weaver aka Cliff Arquette during the 1950s-1960s Letters & Correspondence
April 22 Professor Moriarty - as seen on "Star Trek: The Next Generation" Computer-Generated Beings
April 21 "You Need Us" song - as heard on an episode of "Gilligan's Island" Music - Songs & Lyrics
April 21 "Eep Opp Ork Ah Ah" song - as heard on an episode of the  cartoon "The Jetsons" Music - Songs & Lyrics
April 20 The Fantanas - as seen on the Fanta Beverage TV Spots Admascots - People
April 19 Songs & Lyrics  (New) Music - Songs & Lyrics
April 18 Cafe Press - New Online Store to buy TV Acres Souvenirs Online Store
April 14 Baby Bob - as seen on Quiznos Sub Sandwich ad spots Advertising Mascots - People
April 11 Dobie Gillis - as seen on the 1960s teen comedy "The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis" TV Character Spotlight
April 09 Doublemint Twins - as seen on Wrigley Gum Ad Spots Advertising Mascots - People
April 06 Balltown - Fun New Children's Video Series Props - Balls & Spheres
March 31 Weapons (Revised) Weapons
March 23 Candies & Desserts (New) Food
March 20 Balki-isms Language & Phrases
March 19 Flower Pot Men Plants - Flowers
March 18 Poddington Peas Plants - Vegetables
March 12 Sea Serpents (New) Reptiles - Sea Serpents
March 06 Chandler Bing - as seen on the buddy sitcom "Friends" TV Character Spotlight
March 01 Timepieces (New) Timepieces
February 18 Fearless Fly - as seen on the cartoon "Milton the Monster" Insects - Flies
February 17 Samantha Stephens' Heart Necklace - as seen on the sitcom "Bewitched" Props - Jewelry
February 15 Bug (in general) - New section Insects - Bugs (in general)
February 14 The Tick - as seen on the superhero cartoon - "The Tick" Insects - Ticks
January 31 Profiles of 10 TV Genies from cartoon and live-action series (New) Enchanted Beings - Genies
January 23 Winx Club - Teenage fairies as seen on the cartoon "Winx Club" Enchanted Beings - Fairies
January 22 Profiles of 30 classic TV witches from cartoons and live-action series (New) Witches & Sorceresses
January 10 Samantha the Witch - as seen on the fantasy "Bewitched" TV Character Spotlight
January 03 PROBE Control - as seen on the high-tech series "Search" Computers - Business & Office
January 02 PROBE Jewelry - as seen on the high tech series "Search" Props - Jewelry
January 01 Spies & Secret Organizations (Revised) Spies & Secret Organizations

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