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What's New in the Database?
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Hello Friends and TV Fact Fans.
 Here are the latest sections added to the site.



September 15 Blade - Vampire Hunter on the series "Blade: The Series" Horror - Vampires
August 14 Eisenhower Bust - seen on the sitcom "Dharma & Greg" Statues & Fountains
August 14 "How Tobacco Companies Killed American Soldiers During WWII" Tobacco & Smoking
August 07 Soymilk Cows - as seen on Silk Soymilk TV Commercials Advertising Mascots (Animals)
August 05 Dancing with the Stars Dance and Dancing
August 04 So You Thing Your Can Dance Dance and Dancing
July 30 "TV Acres Clubhouse" - A TV Show based on TV Acres website Articles
July 10 "Chemical X" - as mentioned on the cartoon "The Powerpuff Girls" Chemicals & Potions
July 07. "Trek for the Troops": a trip to Riverside Iowa's TREK FEST XXII Articles
June 23 Roger Ramjet - seen on the syndicated cartoon "Roger Ramjet" Jets & Jet Planes
June 19 Culligan Lady - seen on "Hey Culligan Man!" ad spots Advertising Mascots -  People
June 08 Daisy Girl - as seen on the 1964 political ad for Lyndon B. Johnson Advertising Mascots -  People
June 01 Dharma Initiative Films - as seen on supernatural/sci-fi series "Lost" Photographs & Films
May 28 The Island - as seen on the supernatural/sci-fi series "Lost" Islands
May 25 Vincent the Dog - as seen on the series "Lost" Dogs - Retrievers
May 21 Catweazle - Wizard on the British Children's program "Catweazle" Horror - Wizards
May 18 Candice Michelle - as seen on the TV spots Advertising Mascots -  People
May 16 TV Character Deaths -"Prison Break" Updates Death - TV Characters
May 14 Wizards & Sorcerers (New) Horror - Wizards
May 13 "Barney-isms" - as heard on the sitcom "How I Met Your Mother" Words of Wisdom
May 10 TV Character Deaths - "Veronica Mars" updates Death - TV Characters
May 09 Brian and Kirk - Musicians seen on the Applebee's TV Ads Advertising Mascots -  People
May 07 Larry & David - Angels seen on  Angel Soft Tissue TV ads Advertising Mascots -  People
May 03 Magic the Dog - as seen on Old Navy Clothing Store TV spots Advertising Animals
May 01 Capital One Angel - Fat guardian angel seen on Capital One Ads Advertising Mascots -  People
Apr 27 Kraft Angels - as seen on Kraft Philadelphia Cream Cheese ads Advertising Mascots -  People
Apr 20 Dodge Caliber Fairy - as seen on "Too Tough" ad spots Enchanted Beings - Fairies
Apr 12 The Slowskys - Turtles seen on Comcast High-speed Internet Ads Advertising Animals
Apr 09 Maxim Magazine Giant Cover Magazines
Mar 20 THIEF an FX Original Series Articles Archives
Feb 02 Dutch Boy - as seen in Print and TV ads over the years. Advertising Mascots
Jan 30 Schotzie the Dog - as seen on the sitcom "That 70s Show" Dogs - Dachsund
Jan 19 William Shatner's Kidney Stone Diseases & Ailments
Jan 10 Dancing Ellen - as seen on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" Dancers
Jan 07 The Fruit Guys - as seen on the "Fruit of the Loom" TV ad spots Ad Mascots - Objects
Jan 06 Winchester Impala - as seen on the occult drama "Supernatural" Autos - Chevy
Jan 02 Dagmar - as seen on "Broadway Open House" in the 1950s Classic TV Babes
Jan. 02 Tony Sinclair - as seen on the Tanqueray Gin Commercials Ad Mascots - People

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