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What's New in the Database?
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Hello Friends and TV Fact Fans.
 Here are the latest sections added to the site.



June 25 Prisoner/Fugitive ID Numbers (New) Prisoner/Fugitive ID Numbers
June 25 "Witchblade" - New season opening Beginnings - Occult/Suspense
June 24 Diver Dan Puppets & Puppetry - Marionettes
June 23 Puppets & Puppetry (Revised) Puppets & Puppetry
June 21 Bunny the horse - as seen on "The Little House on the Prairie" Horses - List of all Horses
June 19 Female Celebrity Smoking List (TV) TV Resources - Quirky Sites
June 14 Killer Carrots - as seen on the science fiction series "Lexx" Vegetables
June 09 Pennywise the Dancing Clown - as seen on "Stephen King's IT" Clowns  (Revised)
June 08 ANI the Android - as seen on the sci-fi series "Mercy Point" Robots - Androids
June 08 Mercy Point Medical Facility - as seen on the sci-fi series "Mercy Point" Spacecraft - Space Stations
June 08 Hippocrates the Computer - as seen on the sci-fi series "Mercy Point" Computers - Starship
June 07 Space Precinct (New Entry) Sci-Fi Police
May 31 Children's Show Hosts (Revised) Children's Show Hosts
May 26 Aliens - Complete List (Revised) Aliens Complete List
May 26 Advertising Mascots (Revised) Advertising Mascots
May 26 Alligator's & Crocodiles Reptiles
May 13 Dr. Greene's Farewell Letter - as seen on the medical drama "ER" Signoffs - Death & Dying
May 12 Robots (Revised) Robots, Androids & Cyborgs
May 08 Ethnic TV Resources for African, Asian, Hispanic & Native Americans TV Resources 
- Ethnic TV Resources
April 29 "Sugar Lips" - Nickname of actress Judith Light from "Who's the Boss" Nicknames - " S "
April 28 "The Most Powerful Man in Broadcasting" - Nickname of late night talk show host David Letterman Nicknames - " M "
April, 23 Chemicals, Drugs & Potions (Revised) Chemicals. Drugs & Potions
April 15 "OK, Cut!. That was beautiful. It's a rap everybody" The closing lines of the family drama "Once and Again" Signoffs - Series  Finales
April 15 "Lolita" - Nickname of lawyer Liza Rump (Christina Ricci) as seen the legal dramedy "Ally McBeal" Nicknames - " L "
April 14 Metals & Minerals (Revised) Metals & Minerals
April 13 Statues & Fountains (Revised) Statues & Fountains
April 12 Horror Shows at at Glance (Revised) Horror Show Hosts At A Glance
April 12 Horror Show Hosts (Revised) Horror Show Hosts
April 10 Mottos & Slogans (Revised) Mottos & Slogans
April 09 Dogs at A Glance (A-Z Quick List of  all Dogs seen on TV Shows) Dogs -  At a Glance
April 07 Time Machines (Revised & Updated) Time Machines
April 04 "Work on your jump shot" - departing words of Dr. Mark Greene as seen on the medical drama "ER" Signoffs - Departing Characters
April 04 "Squatsie" - Will Truman's Garden Gnome as seen on "Will & Grace" Enchanted Beings - Gnomes
April 02 Tattoos at a Glance (Revised) Art - Tattoos at a Glance
April 01 Nick Andros (Rob Lowe) - a deaf-mute character as seen on Stephen King's The Stand, an ABC TV Movie Hearing Impaired
April 01 Barney Fife - Allergic to horsehair as seen on "The Andy Griffith Show" Allergies
March 31 "Load" - Nickname of Jodie Foster Nicknames - " L "
March 31 "Bully Boys" - comedians Dan Aykroyd, John Belushi & Bill Murray as seen on "Saturday Night Live" Nicknames - " B " 
March 24 "Aaron" - Lily's mentally disturbed brother as seen on "Once and Again" Mentally Impaired
March 19 "Jewelry" seen on Various TV Series Jewelry - Coverpage
March 18 "Newspapers" featured on TV shows Newspapers at a Glance
March 17 The Pig Boy (a.k.a. "Sal") - as seen on TV series  "The Chronicle" Nicknames - " P "
March 15 Marriages of:
  Phoebe Halliwell to Cole (a Demon)
- March 14 on "Charmed"
Dates - Marriage
March 13, 2001 TV Show Buildings - Where are they really located? TV Show Buildings at a Glance
March 12 CONTROL Entry Doors - as seen on the spy comedy "Get Smart" Props - Doors & Doorbells
March 11 The World Chronicle - as seen on "The Chronicle" Addresses - "W"
March 10 Lifeguard Stephanie Holden - as seen on "Baywatch" Addresses - "H"
March 09 Celebrity Product Endorsements
(New Section)
Advertising - Celebrity Product Endorsements
March 08 More Ad Slogans for:
Milky Way Candy Bar
Rely Tampons
McDonalds Restaurant
E. F. Hutton Brokerage House
Bell Telephone
(Contributed by Mitchell Anscher)
Advertising Slogans
March 08 More TV Actor/Celebrity Deaths Benny Hill (The Benny Hill Show),
"Curly" Howard (The Three Stooges),
Helen Martin (227),
Jester Hairston (Amos 'n' Andy),
John Hoyt (Gimme a Break),
Howard Morton (Gimme a Break),
McLean Stevenson (M*A*S*H),
Larry Linville (M*A*S*H)
(Contributed by Mitchell Anscher)
Death - TV Actors
March 08 TV celebrity Bill Cullen's Limp - as seen on "I've Got a Secret" Physically Impaired
March 08 Warren Ferguson's Sleepwalking Vulnerabilities at a Glance
March 07 Darien Fawkes Tattoo - as seen on "The Invisible Man" Art - Tattoos
March 07 Opie Taylor's Tossing Stone - as seen on "The Andy Griffith Show" Metals & Minerals
March 06 Dr. "Bug" - allergic to chocolate as seen on "Crossing Jordon" Allergies
February 19 Maxwell Smart's Shoe Phone (update)  
February 12 Spin-offs & Sequels - "What shows begat what shows" Spin-offs and Sequels
February 12 "You got the Job" - Angela Bower re-hiring Tony Micelli on "Who's the Boss" Signoffs - Series Finales
February 12 "Penny" Marshall  (updated) Nicknames - " P "
February 11 Secret Identities - Superheroes and Crimefighters Secret Identities
February 11 More TV character deaths:
Maude Flanders & 
"Bleeding Gums" Murphy & 
Dr. Marvin Monroe on The Simpsons 
Jessica Tate on Soap 
Ned Vanderkellen, uncle on Newhart 
Steven Keaton's father on Family Ties 
Kristen Shepard on Dallas 
(Contributed by Mitchell Anscher)
Death - TV Characters 
February 07 "Witchblade" - Opening Narration Beginnings - Police Series 
February 07 Goliath - as seen on "Davy & Goliath" Dogs - Puppet Characters 
February 07 Ace Hart, The Barkleys, The Beagles, Beethoven, Belle & Sebastian, The Biskitts, Charlie B. Barkin, Kipper, and Pound Puppies Dogs - Cartoon Characters 
February 07 M.A.V.O. (Monsters and Villains Organization) as seen on "The Adventures of Teddy Ruxpin"
Acronyms - " M " 
February 07 Teddy Ruxpin (updated) Bears - Teddy Bears 
February 07 Roobear Bears - Koala Bears 
February 07 Blinky Bill Bears - Koala Bears 
February 06 Jabberjaw  Fish - Sharks 
February 06 Willy the Whale Fish - Whales 
February 06 Littl'bits  Enchanted Beings - Elves 
February 05 Nero Wolfe's Address - 454 West 35th Street  (Contributed by Jean Quinn) Addresses - " W " 
February 04 Tony Micelli - Fear of Water (Swimming Pools) - "Who's the Boss" Vulnerabilities - At a Glance
January 31 "Second Sight"  - Police drama with detective plagued by rare retinal virus Handicapped - Visually Impaired
January 28 "TV Character Deaths" (Update)
Garth Gimble - Mary Hartman
Chief Carl Kanisky - Gimme a Break
Elaine Lefkowitz - Soap
Jessica Gatling Tate - Soap
Peter Campbell - Soap
Victor Gianelli - Bob Newhart Show
(Contributed by Mitchell Anscher)
Death - TV Characters
January 24 TV Channels/Networks - International TV Resources - TV Networks
January 23 TV Channels/Networks - USA TV Resources - TV Networks
January 21 Columbo - Cigars (Updated) Tobacco Products
January 16 'Suliban' - as seen on "Enterprise" Shape-shifters
January 13 Buick 'Wildcat' Automobile - as seen on "Going to California" Automobiles - Buick Cars
January 12 Katherine Papadopolis - 6/08/1940
as seen on "Webster"
Dates - TV Character Birthdays
January 12 Natalie Green - 9/02/1966
as seen on "The Facts of Life"
Dates - TV Character Birthdays
January 12 Nell Harper - 10/13/1951
as  seen on "Gimme a Break"
Dates - TV Character Birthdays
January 10 Liandra - Spaceship seen on "The Legend of the Rangers" Spacecraft - Small  
January 7 Comedians & Their Comic Characters (Revised) Comedians & Their Comic Characters  
January 6 Olive's Relationship Caveats on "Veronica's Closet" Rules & Regulations  
January 6 Time Helmet - as seen on an episode of "The Twilight Zone" Spacecraft - Time Machines  
January 5 Meredith Peters (Missing a Hand) as seen on "Boston Public" Physically Challenged -  Physically Impaired  
January 4 Chef Emeril Legasse  Cooks & Cookbooks
January 3 Death - TV Actors (Revised)  Death - TV Actors

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