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What's New in the Database?
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Hello Friends and TV Fact Fans.
 Here are the latest sections added to the site.



December 31 Angus "Mac" MacGvver - as seen on the series "MacGyver" TV Character Spotlight
December 27 Geographic Settings - Great Britain (Revised) Geographic Settings
December 20 Sister Bertrille - as seen on the sitcom "The Flying Nun" TV Character Spotlight
December 19 Danny Phantom - as seen on the cartoon "Danny Phantom" Horror - Ghosts
December 18 Batman Graphics - as seen on the fantasy drama "Batman" Art - Graphics & Symbols
December 18 Batman's Wall Climb - as seen on the fantasy drama "Batman" Walls & Partitions
December 10 Coors Twins -as seen on a series of "Coors-Light Beer" ads" Classic TV Babes
December 08 Baywatch Babes - as seen on the beach series "Baywatch" Classic TV Babes
December 07 Victor Meldrew - as seen on the Britcom "One Foot in the Grave" TV Character Spotlight
November 30 Historical Warrior Women Warrior Women - Historical
November 30 Miss Spider - as seen on the CGI animated series "Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends" Insects - Spiders
November 29 Vampires (Revised) Horror - Vampires
November 22 Sheepdogs (Revised) Dogs - Sheepdogs
November 21 Knives & Swords (Revised) Knives & Swords
November 17 Phoebe Figalilly - as seen on the fantasy situation comedy "Nanny and the Professor" TV Character Spotlight
November 15 TC & Spicy (Fighting Chickens) - as seen on Burger King TV ads Advertising Mascots
November 14 Maxwell Smart - as seen on the spy comedy "Get Smart" TV Character Spotlight
November 05 Psammead the Sand Fairy - as seen on the BBC fantasy series "Five Children and It" (1991) Enchanted Beings - Fairies
November 01 Doug Heffernan -as seen on the sitcom "King of Queens" TV Character Spotlight
October 30 Ghosts (Revised) Horror - Ghosts
October 23 Guapo the Parrot - as seen on the sitcom "Will & Grace" Parrots & Parakeets
October 22 Social / Fraternal Orgs (Revised) Fraternal Organizations
October 13 Sharks & Barracudas (Revised) Fish - Sharks & Barracudas
October 12 Mummies (Revised) Horror - Mummies
October 07 Herman Munster - as seen on the sitcom "The Munsters" TV Character Spotlight
September 29 Fonzie's Motorcycle Motorcycles
September 28 Dogs - Retrievers (Revised) Dogs - Retrievers
September 18 Languages & Phrases (Revised) Languages & Phases
September 18 Rules & Regulations (Revised) Rules & Regulations
September 17 Cooper - Obnoxious office worker seen on TV ad spots for Advertising Mascots
September 16 Mr. Wendy the "Unofficial Spokesman" - as seen on Wendy's Hamburger ad spots Advertising Mascots
September 07 Dr. Jordan Cavanaugh - as seen on the drama  "Crossing Jordan" TV Character Spotlight
August 18 Mary Richards - as seen on  "'The Mary Tyler Moore Show" TV Character Spotlight
August 17 Little Caesar - as seen on Little Caesars pizza commercials Advertising Mascots
August 13 Bloo - Imaginary friend of a boy named Mac - as seen on the cartoon "Foster's Home for Imaginary Beings" (New) Imaginary Friends
August 11 Dairy Fairy - as seen in Kraft Cheese Singles ad spots Advertising Mascots
August 07 Mr. Six - as seen on Six Flags Theme Parks TV spots Advertising Mascots
August 01 Dean Martin's Closet Door Props - Doors & Doorbells
July 30 Ben Matlock - as seen on the legal drama "Matlock" TV Character Spotlight
July 19 Classic TV Babes (New) Classic TV Babes
July 18 Rupert Giles - as seen on the occult drama "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" TV Character Spotlight
July 11 Barnaby Jones - as seen on the detective series "Barnaby Jones" TV Character Spotlight
July 07 Scrubbing Bubbles Advertising Mascots
July 04 "Warrior Women - Historical TV heroines who could really kick ass" Archives (7/4/2004)
July 02 Honey West - as seen on the detective drama "Honey West" TV Character Spotlight

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