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What's New in the Database?
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Hello Friends and TV Fact Fans.
 Here are the latest sections added to the site.



December 30 Al Bundy - as seen on the sitcom "Married...with Children" TV Character of the Week
December 29 Ethnic Groups - The entire section has been updated to include all Ethic Groups except African-Americans  which will be added at a later date Ethnic Groups
December 24 Dawson's Necklace - as seen on the teen drama "Dawson's Creek" Jewelry
December 23 "The Rock" (a.k.a. Dwayne Johnson) Nicknames - "R"
December 23 Chef Boyardee Advertising Mascots 
December 22 Lewis Kiniski - as seen on the sitcom "The Drew Carey Show" TV Character of the Week
December 21 The Friendly Giant (a.k.a. Robert Homme) Children's Show Hosts
December 21 "God bless and think peace" - Final words on the sitcom "The Nanny" Signoffs - Finales
December 18 Audrey Conner, mentally ill mother of Dan Conner - as mentioned on the sitcom "Roseanne" Mentally Impaired
December 15 "Shalaft's Syndrome" - Childhood malady of Jean-Luc Picard  - as mentioned in the sci-fi film "Star Trek: Nemesis" (2002) Hearing Impaired
December 15 Frank Black - as seen on the FOX occult drama "Millennium" TV Character of the Week 
December 14 "Puppy" - Childhood nickname of actress Jennifer Garner Nicknames - "P" 
December 10 TV Twins & Triplets Twins & Triplets 
December 09 The "Big Bad" a.k.a. Spike the Vampire - as seen on "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" Nicknames - "B" 
December 08 Awards & Ceremonies TV Resources 
December 07 First words spoken by TV characters First Words
December 07 Peggy Fair - as seen on the private detective drama "Mannix" TV Character of the Week
December 03 Vegetarian Characters on Television Vegetarians
December 02 Hoppy the bunny - as mentioned on "Everybody Loves Raymond" Rodents - Rabbits
November 30 Character of the Week - Phoebe Buffay, Lt. Columbo, Fred G. Sanford,  Buffy Summers and Floyd Lawson TV Character of the Week -  Archives (New entries)
November 21 Officer Nancy Parras (Huntington's Disease)  - as seen on the police drama "The District" Handicapped - Disease Impaired
November 7 Dr. Paul Nathan (Parkinson Disease) - as seen on the medical drama "ER" Handicapped - Disease Impaired
November 6 Serta Counting Sheep - as seen on Serta Perfect Sleeper Mattress Ads Advertising Mascots - Animals
November 5 "For Jack Maple, who live it" - as seen at the end of the show's credits on the police drama "The District" Signoffs - Taglines
October 25 "Wesley, you will be missed" - as heard on the sci-fi series "Star Trek: The Next Generation" Signoffs - Departing Characters
October 24 "Hi, Bob!" - As heard on the CBS sitcom "The Bob Newhart Show" Catchphrases - "H"
October 22 Ethel the Rose Bush - as mentioned on the legal drama "Judging Amy" Plants - Flowers
October 21 Mr. Loopner (born without a spine) - as mentioned on "Saturday Night Live" Physically Impaired
October 20 Dr. Gregory Pratt - as seen on the NBC medical series "ER" Addresses - "P"
October 20 Phoebe Buffay's Box - as seen on the NBC sitcom "Friends" Props - Boxes
October 19 Armless, legless woman - as mentioned on an episode of the legal comedy-drama of "Ally McBeal" Physically Impaired
October 19 Rudy's pet goldfish, Lamont - as seen on NBC sitcom "The Cosby Show" Fish - Goldfish
October 18 Maggie Wyczenski (bi-polar manic
depressive) - as seen on the NBC
medical drama ER
Mentally Impaired
October 18 Dr. Robert Romano (Severed Arm) - as seen on the NBC medical drama ER Physically Impaired
October 9 Triquetra - Celtic symbol as seen on the occult drama "Charmed" Art - Graphics & Symbols
October 8 Janine Barber gets a jalapeño pepper tattoo on her ass - as seen on the NBC comedy "Hidden Hills" Art - Tattoos at a Glance
October 6 Pelswick Eggert (disabled teenager) - as seen on the cartoon "Pelswick" Physically Impaired
October 5 Barbara Gordon (crippled crime-fighter) - as seen on the crime drama "The Birds of Prey" Physically Impaired
October 4 A.B. Stiles (Colorblind) - as seen on the spy drama "The Agency" Visually  Impaired
October 3 Dorothy Zbornak (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) - as seen on the NBC sitcom "The Golden Girls" Disease  Impaired
October 3 Bob Sacamano - as mentioned (but never seen) on the NBC sitcom "Seinfeld" Faceless Favorites
October 2 Theodore Huxtable  - as seen on the NBC sitcom "The Cosby Show" Visually  Impaired
October 2 Eli, wheelchair-bound manager - as seen on the NBC series "Ed" Physically Impaired
October 1 Cujo the dog - as seen on the police drama "The District" Dogs - Terriers
October 1 The Betty-O  tugboat - as seen on the crime drama "The District" Barges & Tugboats
October 1 Lt. Bud Roberts (lost right leg) - as seen on the military drama "JAG" Physically  Impaired

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