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What's New in the Database?
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 Hello Friends and TV Fact Fans.
 Here are the latest sections added to the site.



December 29 Romper Room's Magic Mirror Props
December 27 Ferrets & Weasels (New) Rodents
December 26 Carolyn Muir - as seen on the supernatural comedy "The Ghost & Mrs. Muir" TV Character Spotlight
December 24 Elf Nanny - as seen on the occult drama  "Charmed" Elves
December 24 Dwarfs (New) Dwarfs
December 24 Fairies (Revised) Fairies
December 24 Elves (Revised) Elves
December 23 Gnomes (Revised) Gnomes
December 22 Demons (Revised) Demons
December 15 Jonathan Smith - as seen on the  drama "Highway to Heaven" TV Character Spotlight
December 12 Victoria's Secret Angels - as seen on Print & TV ad spots Advertising Mascots
December 11 Bacardi & Cola Guys - as seen on Bacardi Rum & Cola Ads Advertising Mascots
December 10 Axelrod - Basset Hound seen in in Flying 'A' Service Station Ads Basset Hounds
December 09 Roc & Eleanor Emerson - as seen on the sitcom "Roc" TV Character Spotlight
December 06 Greetings & Salutations (Revised) Greetings & Salutations
December 02 Deer (Revised) Deer
December 01 Major John MacGillis - as seen on the sitcom "Major Dad" TV Character Spotlight
December 01 Frogs (Revised) Frogs
November 30 Pigs (Revised) Pigs
November 26 Rabbits (Revised) Rabbits
November 25 Mice (Revised) Mice
November 16 Marcy Rhoades/D'Arcy - as seen on the sitcom "Married... with Children" TV Character Spotlight
November 15 Cleo - Bassett Hound on the sitcom "The People's Choice" Dogs - Bassett Hounds
November 13 Curses Spells & Incantations (Revised) Curses Spells & Incantations
November 13 Comedians & Comic Characters (Revised) Comedians & Comic Characters
November 08 Vulnerabilities (Revised) Vulnerabilities
November 06 Cartoon Bears (Revised) Cartoon Bears
November 05 Contests (Revised) Contests
November 04 Darien Fawkes - as seen on the sc-fi series "The Invisible Man" TV Character Spotlight
October 30 Dogs - Cartoons (Revised) Cartoon Canines
October 30 Letters & Miscellaneous Writings (Revised) Letters & Miscellaneous Writings
October 29 Nudity- 1950s-1990s (Revised) Nudity on Television
October 25 Chipmunks (Revised) Chipmunks
October 25 Pennywise the Dancing Clown - as seen on the horror mini-series "Stephen King's IT" (Revised) Clowns
October 24 Cattle (Revised) Cattle
October 23 Chickens & Roosters (Revised) Chickens & Roosters
October 20 Lurch the Butler - as seen on the sitcom "The Addams Family" TV Character of the Week
October 18 Fans & Fanatics (Revised) Fans & Fanatics
October 18 Catchphrases (Revised) Catchphrases
October 11 Maddie Hayes - as seen on the detective drama "Moonlighting" TV Character of the Week
October 05 Death Miscellaneous (Revised) Death - Miscellaneous
October 05 Tobacco & Smoking (Revised) Tobacco & Smoking

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