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Fictional Vegetarians/Vegans on Television   
Character Occupation Program
Brenda Walsh Teenager Beverly Hill 90210
Sharon Spitz Teenager Braceface
Principal Wood Sunnydale H.S. Principal Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Phoebe Halliwell Witch / Gossip Columnist Charmed
Ed Brown's Wife (Deceased) Chico & the Man
Count Duckula Vampire Duck Count Duckula
Sara Sidle

Las Vegas CSI Investigator ( "I'm a vegetarian, everyone here knows I'm a vegetarian...."I haven't eaten meat since we stayed up that night with that dead pig. It pains me to see ground beef." )

Dr. Marsh Tracy Veterinarian living in Africa Daktari
Samantha "Sam" Manson Rich "Goth" teen who likes ghosts and the paranormal Danny Phantom
Henry Love interest of
Jennifer "Jen" Lindley
Dawson's Creek
Abby Finkelstein Hippie Dharma & Greg
Doctor Who Timelord Doctor Who
Doctor Dolittle Veterinarian (who can talk to the animals) Further Adventures of Doctor Dolittle, The
Gary Hobson Stockbroker Turned Do-Gooder Early Edition
Dr. Peter Benton Emergency Room Physician ER
T'Pol Vulcan Subcommander Enterprise
Beverly Ann Stickle Novelty Shop Owner Facts of Life, The
Phoebe Buffay Masseuse/Folk Singer Friends
Rachel Berry High School Glee Club Member Glee
Artie Fonzarelli Med Student/Fonzie's Brother Happy Days
Kimba King of the Animals Kimba the White Lion
Kwai Chang Caine Shaolin Priest King Fu 
Kwai Chang Caine (grandson of the original Kwai Chang Caine) Shaolin Priest Kung Fu: The Legend Continues
Regine Hunter Clothing Boutique Employee Living Single
Angus "Mac" MacGyver Former Special Forces Agent MacGyver
Ricardo Tubbs Undercover Narcotics Cop Miami Vice
Thomas Miller Teacher / Husband of Greek Woman ("He don't eat no meat? That's OK. I make lamb.") My Big Fat Greek Life
Angela Martin Head of the accounting department at the Dunder Mifflin, Scranton Branch The Office
Galen Ape Scientist Planet of the Apes, The
Lily Esposito Teenager Popular
Darlene Connor & her boyfriend, David Teenagers ("They're vegetarians. They don't have the strength to hold their heads up.") Roseanne
Tom Harrison Pastor 7th Heaven
Lisa Simpson Second Grade Student Simpsons, The
Mr. Spock Vulcan Science Officer "Please pay no attention. I'm not my self. I'm behaving disgracfully. I've have eaten animal flesh and I've enjoyed it. What's wrong with me?" (Episode "All Our Yesterdays") Star Trek
Tuvok Vulcan Security Chief Star Trek: Voyager
Chakotay First Officer Star Trek: Voyager
Mac Friend of Veronica Mars Veronica Mars
Nathan Grace's Boyfriend Will & Grace
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