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Vulnerabilities at a Glance (Fears and Phobias)
Character Afraid Of Program
B.A. Baracus Flying A-Team
Captain Murdock The word "Ammonia" A-Team
Jim Spiders According To Jim
Kelly Peyton Snakes Alias
John "The Bisquit" Cage Toilet Germs(He pre-flushes) Ally McBeal
Warren Ferguson His sleepwalking spells Andy Griffith Show
Margaret Wyborn Rats (on her 6th birthday party a rat ate her dog) Becker
Bob Afraid of the Dark (actually he is "afraid of the evil it conceals") Becker
Jaime Sommers Fear of snakes (exploited in episode "Doomsday is Tomorrow") The Bionic Woman
Joe Cartwright Fear of heights from a childhood trauma.  Was afraid to climb Eagles Nest. Bonanza
Special Agent Seeley Booth Fear of Clowns Bones
Attorney Alan Shore Clowns (refused to cross examine a witness because he was dressed as a clown.  Fear originated from childhood experience when mother put clown face in his bedroom on his third birthday. Sight of a clown can make him pee his pants. "Clowns are evil. They're just evil" To cure his fear, he squeezed the red nose of a blue-haired clown. Alan also suffers from Night Terrors. It got so bad that he had a fellow attorney sleep over to watch  so he would not hurt himself when he started to sleep walk during the episodes. One morning earlier, Alan woke up precariously standing on a window ledge. Boston Legal
Stanley "Whipsuall" Jones Comments on his short height Broken Badges
Buffy Anne Summers Hospitals (When Buffy was 8-years old, she was alone in the hospital when her cousin Celia died). Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Willow Rosenberg Singing in public (as revealed in a nightmare) & Frogs "(Frogs! Frogs! Get 'em off of me! Oh, my God, frogs! Get them off of me! Please, help! Get 'em off! FROGS! Frogs! Oh, my God, horrible frogs! [squeals] Get 'em...") Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Alexander "Xander" Harris Clowns Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Anya Bunny Rabbits
"Bunnies Frighten Me"
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Holly Aldridge Heights  Cafe Americain
Piper Halliwell Flying Charmed
Prudence "Prue" Halliwell Water (Fear of Drowning) Charmed
Phoebe Halliwell  Elevators & Losing a Sister   Charmed
Carla Tortelli Flying Cheers
Woody Boyd Bowling Cheers
Frasier Crane Insects ("I have a thing about insects") Cheers
Wes Freewald   Circus Clowns Chronicle, The
Grace Hall More Alien Abductions Chronicle, The
Tucker Burns His 'Save the World' Tendencies Chronicle, The
Lacey Burrows Balloons "Globaphobia" (Helium Balloons are so 'floaty') Corner Gas
Officer David Quinton Balloons "Globaphobia" Corner Gas
Brent Leroy Pirates, Vampires, Intimacy, Commitment, World Globes Corner Gas
Hank Yarbo Lied 26 years ago about being afraid of bees Corner Gas
Wanda Dollard Open Spaces? "Agoraphobia" Corner Gas
Calleigh Duquesne Ants ("they're sneaky & mobile") C.S.I. Miami
Logan Cale Heights Dark Angel
Dharma Finkelstein Montgomery Fear of the Dark (as a child, she and her mother, Abby, placed her "fear of the dark" in a metal lunch box and buried it in their backyard. Nearby she buried her turtle "Slow Poke III" in a similar box. He died of "Rigor Tortoise." Dharma & Greg
Whitney Gilbert Cheese A Different World
Maynard G. Krebs "Work!" (and the word itself) Dobie Gillis
Drew Carey Bully named Simon Tate
Faints in front of a TV Camera
Drew Carey Show
Mimi Bobeck Confined Spaces Drew Carey Show
Lewis Kiniski Skeletons and Motorcycles Drew Carey Show
Shirley Candy Lollipops Ed
Neela Rasgotra Confined Spaces ER
Ray Romano Leprechauns & Lucky Charms Everybody Loves Raymond
Robert Romano Monkeys & Bulls  Everybody Loves Raymond
Vicky Cows Fairly OddParents
Timmy Clowns and Bare feet ("gross him out") Fairly OddParents
Faith Fairfield (She has to sleep on the side of the bed that is farthest from the closet) Monsters in the Closet
"Monsters, Monsters go away. Come again another day.  If you don't you'll surely pay.  Monster, monster go away"
Hope & Faith
Danny Tanner Dirt, Grime, Disorganizaton Full House
Edward Rooney Heights & Confined Spaces Ferris Bueller
Niles Crane Bugs Frasier
“Bulldog” Briscoe Lizards  Frasier
Chandler Bing Bras, Dogs & Lord of the Dance Friends
Monica Geller Dirt, Grime, Disorganizaton Friends
Rachel Green Turtles & an irrational fear of swings Friends
Rory Gilmore Horses ("I'm scared of horses."( Gilmore Girls
Grace Kelly Vertigo (afraid of heights) Grace Under Fire
Richie Cunningham Bees Happy Days
Marion Cunningham Showers (since "Psycho") Happy Days
Howard Cunningham Worms Happy Days
Joanie Cunningham The Boogey Man Happy Days
Ralph Malph "Everything!" Happy Days
Arthur Fonzarelli Liver Happy Days
Tim Taylor Snakes Home Inprovement
The Daring Dragoon Marriage & Clown Paintings Jack of All Trades  
Jennifer "Jenny" McMillan Hiccups when nervous Jenny
Kurt  Cats   Jesse
John Doe Confined Spaces John Doe
Dennis Finch Owls Just Shoot Me
Kevin Animals Talking Like Humans Just Shoot Me
Nina Van Horn Losing her looks Just Shoot Me
Bugs His super-strength could only be defeated with the word, "bananas"; The Kids from C.A.P.E.R.
Laverne DeFazio Confined Spaces  Laverne & Shirley
Overton Wakefield Clowns Living Single
Angus "Mac" MacGyver Heights MacGyver
Paul Buchman Shopping & Opera Mad About You
Ben Matlock Afraid of Horses Matlock
Wesley T. Owens Showering in front of the guys in school gym class Mr. Belvedere
Mister Ed the Horse Heights, water, fat men with  whiskers, cockatoos, cats, prowlers and wooden carousel horses Mister Ed
Adrian Monk Heights, the Dark, Crowds, Germs, Milk, crooked paintings, cracks in sidewalks, and the wind "Hey, the Wind can kill!" Monk
Sharona Fleming Elephants (from a childhood encounter at the circus) Monk
Angela Chase Fondue   My So-Called Life
Rayanne Graff The "Dark"  My So-Called Life
Joanna Loudon Dust Bunnies Newhart
Dick Loudon Art (as in painting) Newhart
Joe Girelli Space Aliens  (Abduction) NewsRadio
Felix Unger. Dirt, Grime, Disorganizaton Odd Couple
Donna Garlund Jell-O Out of This World  
Dave JPossum (Fear he's had since he was a kid at camp) Perfect Couples
Joanie Hansen Spiders Providence
Sam Beckett Heights Quantum Leap
Michael Guerin & Friends Being Found Out
(they're aliens) 
Chuckie Finster    Spandex   Rugrats
Bill (the Sea Monkey) Bunny Rabbits  Sea Monkeys
Elaine Benes Dogs  Seinfeld
George Costanza Commitment to Women Seinfeld
Cosmo Kramer Clowns Seinfeld
Jerry Seinfeld Germs Seinfeld
Morty Seinfeld Velcro Seinfeld
David Puddy Germs (Germaphobic) Seinfeld
Lisa Landry Spiders Sister, Sister
SpongeBob SquarePants Cheese graters, educational television,  giant clams, gorillas, ice cubes, and sea bears SpongeBob SquarePants
Miles O'Brien Spiders (but cured himself) Star Trek: DSN
Major John Shepherd Clowns "Entire armies of clowns climbing out of Volkswagens" Stargate Atlantis
Bill Miller Spiders Still Standing
Louie DePalma the word "Accident" Taxi
Eric Forman Spiders ("Spiders freak me out!!!") That 70s Show
Off. John “Sully” Sullivan Fear of Clowns Third Watch
Janet Wood Fear of Dragons. They give her nightmares. Three's Company
Jack Tripper Fear of Flying Three's Company
Herbert T. Kenworth, the owner of Triple A Airlines Fear of Flying The Tim Conway Show
Laura Palmer  Bob the Demon  Twin Peaks
Michael "Berg" Bergen Moths Two Guys, A Girl & A Pizza Place
Tiffany Malloy The Closet Monster Unhappily Ever After
Tony Micelli Fear of Water
(swimming pools)
Who's the Boss
Mavis Rae Flying Whoopi
Detective Samantha Spade Tomatoes (When she was a child, she hated Tomatoes. It took her 20 minutes to check out her food at mealtime before she could make sure there were no tomatoes in her food. Eventually, she got over her fear after experiencing high school cafeteria food.) Without a Trace
Agent Dana Scully Childhood Fear of Clowns X-Files

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