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The Lone Ranger's Bullet - The Lone Ranger (a.k.a. "The Masked Rider of the Plains") maintained law and order on the western adventure THE LONE RANGER/ABC/1949-57.


Traveling with his faithful Indian companion Tonto (Jay Silverheels) the Lone Ranger (played by Clayton Moore & John Hart) righted wrongs during the frontier days of the Old West.

Although the Lone Ranger didn't use a traditional calling card, he did have a unique way of identifying himself. He carried around silver bullets. He either left them at the scene of an encounter to let people know he had been there; or he presented one to a town sheriff to convince him that he was not just a run of the mill masked criminal but one of the good guys.

The Lone Ranger used silver bullets to remind him to shoot only when necessary because life like silver was too precious to waste.

Silver Bullet - THE LONE RANGER

TRIVIA NOTE: In 1968, Clayton Moore and Jay Silverheels starred in the classic Jeno's Pizza Roll commercial produced by Stan Freberg in which the Lone Ranger investigated a party where he heard Rossini's "William Tell Overture" (his theme song).

The sponsor said to the masked man "I'd like to talk to you people about that music." To which the Lone Ranger responded, "That's funny, I've been wanting to speak to you people about the same thing". Tonto then asked "Have a pizza roll, Kemo Sabe?"

At commercial's end, the Lone Ranger departed but not before leaving his calling card...a silver bullet and the resounding cry of "Hi-Yo, Pizza Roll!" See also METALS -"Silver"

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