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The Orb - Time travel device (one of three) discovered in an Arizona crater during the 1890s on the fantasy western THE ADVENTURES OF BRISCO COUNTY, JR./FOX/1993-94.


The orbs were a "man-made electromagnetic wave particle net that captures energy at certain nodal intersections of the space-time grid."

Because an orb possessed tremendous power (it imbued Chinese miners with superhuman strength and resurrected the mortally wounded bounty hunter Brisco County, Jr. from the dead) it was sought by agents of the US Government and criminal elements alike, especially the outlaw John Bly (Billy Drago).

The orb's power was regulated by rods filled with blue fluid that were inserted into the orbs. The dimpled surface of the orb was extremely durable and couldn't even be scratched with hydrochloric acid.

It was revealed that the orbs were actually placed on Earth by a future civilization from the year 5502 to help the human race develop and reach its full potential.

Unfortunately, for Earth of the 1890s, the orbs were also coveted by a time traveler from the year 2506 who disguised as the villainous outlaw John Bly wanted to harness the powers of the orbs and return to his own time to control the future.

With the help of Karina (Melanie Smith), a 56th century woman, Brisco County Jr. (Bruce Campbell) prevented Bly from returning the orb to the 26th century and thus altering the future for the worst.

Brisco Holds the Orb
Brisco activates the Orb

Whenever three blue rods were pulled from the orb, a temporal displacement or portal into time opened. The time traveler only needed to enter the portal and think of their destination and they were instantly transported to that place in time and space.

To prevent any further disturbance in the time line, Karina, the visitor from the future, took all the remaining two orbs back to her time after John Bly was vanquished (the third orb was lost down a river when it fell from a speeding train).

[Karina appears in Brisco's room]

Karina: I'm from the future. My name is Karina.
Brisco: And in the future you've kinda given up on clothes?
Karina: Oh, no. We wear clothes, its just easier for long distance time travel. No clothes, no jewelry.
Brisco: Fascinating.

[Karina prepares for time travel]

Bowler: Damn.
Brisco: Now, its just anatomy guys...
Bowler: And it sure looks real good on her!

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