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Blasters - Ray gun device featured on a variety of TV sci-fi series.

Blaster Pistol

Used much like the old frontier six shooter, the Blasters shot energy waves that disintegrated or incinerated the recipient of the gun's blast.

Blasters were used by Colonial Warriors on the sci-fi series BATTLESTAR GALACTICA/ABC/1978-80 to stun or blast through the silver armor of the robot Cylon warriors known as Centurions.

The Cylon robot warriors used a rifle shaped version of the hand held blaster models.

Michael York as Sandman in movie LOGAN'S RUN

Blasters were used by the futuristic policemen known as Sandmen on LOGAN'S RUN/CBS/1977-78 to hunt down and kill any inhabitant of the Domed City who refused to participate in "Carousel," a life renewing process (in reality a death machine for those over thirty years of age). Those who chose not to participate were labeled as Runners and terminated by the Sandmen.

Blueprint for LOGAN'S RUN Pistol
Blueprint for
Logan's Run

Designed by Dale Henessey, the Blasters shot greenish special effects flames out of the guns barrel (up to 15 rounds before reloading) and could be set to stun or paralyze. See also - "Lasers"

Buck Roger's Blaster
Buck Roger's Blaster

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