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Brainograph - Sci-fi device used on the live-action children's adventure SPACE PATROL/ABC/1951-52.


Commander Buzz Corry (Ed Kemmer) who worked for the United Planets of the Universe in the thirtieth century used this device on evil doers instead of hurting them with violent weapons.

The device reprogrammed/rehabilitated the minds of their subjects turning their thoughts towards goodness, truth and justice and thus making them useful members of society.

Another non-lethal weapon in their arsenal was the Paralyzer Gun that temporarily restrained a villain.

The Brainograph was featured on these episodes of SPACE PATROL:

  • # 11 "THE PERILOUS SLEEP" March 10, 1951 - The beautiful but evil steals the Brainograph from the Terra Medical Science Center and experiments on Cadet Happy to learn how to use  the complicated device.
  • # 52 "FAIR EXCHANGE" December 22, 1951 - The Brainograph was used to read the mind of a convicted criminal, Karl Krone, now in custody. Later Karl's brother Vito kidnaps Cadet Happy and brokers an exchange for his brother, Karl.
  • #108 "THE STOLEN PRISONER" January 17, 1953 - Buzz Corry and Happy probe the minds of  Shrager, to learn of a secret plot that threatens the peace and security of the United Planets.
  • #116 "THREAT TO TERRA" March 14, 1953 - The Brainograph uncovers a plot to blow up Space Patrol headquarters.
  • #198 "REVENGE OF THE BLACK FALCON" December 4, 1954 - The Brainograph was used to rehabilitate Prince Baccarratti, the  pretender to the throne of Venus, but the treatment fails and the Prince transports the Space Patrollers in time where they are face a tribunal who wants to burn them at the stake for witchcraft. See also Thought-Focuser and BIG RAT

TRIVIA NOTE: In the 1940s, a comic book character called the Spy Smasher was brainwashed to turn against America and become a Terrorist. To turn the Spy Smasher to the dark side, a villain known as The Mask used a machine called the Brainograph to scrammble the Spy Smasher's value systems. A hero called Bulletman later destroyed the Brainograph machine but not before returning Spy Smasher to his former self.

The Spy Smasher (a.k.a. Alan Armstrong) appeared in Whiz Comics, American's Greatest Comics, Spy Smasher and Crime Smasher comics.

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