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Colt Pistol - Frontier firearm featured on the western adventure COLT ..45/ABC/1957-60

Wayde Preston as Christopher Colt - COLT .45

Wayde Preston starred as Christopher Colt,  a government undercover agent who posed as weapons salesmen in the American frontier of the 1880s. Colt.45's purchased from Chris Colt (for $20) took six month to arrive.

Later in the series, Christopher Colt was later replaced by Sam Colt, Jr. (Donald May).

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Theme Song Lyrics

There was a gun that won the west.
There was a man among the best.
The fastest gun or man alive.
A lightning bolt when he drew that Colt...45.

He carried the message of law and of order,
Into a wicked land.
With a Colt single action Army revolver
Blazing from either hand.

There was the right, there was the wrong.
The gun was quick, the man was strong.
And peace was made when they arrive,
A lightning bolt when the drew that Colt...45.

Colt .45.
Colt .45.
Colt .45.
Colt. 45.

TRIVIA NOTE: The Colt frontier pistol was given the nickname of the "Peacemaker" and the "Gun That Won the West" because it quickly settled many difficulties in the early days of the American West, especially in Texas.

The Colt .45 was designed by Samuel Colt (1814-1862). His revolving breech pistol patented in England in 1835-36 was one of the standard small arms of the world in the last half of the 19th century.

Colt's Paterson model was used effectively by the Texas Rangers during the state's fight for independence from Mexico.

In 1855, Colt built the world's largest private armory in Hartford, Connecticut. The single-action Peacemaker model Army revolver introduced in 1873 became the most famous sidearm of the West.

The Colt .44 was the weapon of choice for Paladin (Richard Boone), a hired gun who resided at Hotel Carlton, in San Francisco on the western adventure HAVE GUN WILL TRAVEL/CBS/1957-63. His business card read "Have Gun Will Travel. Wire Paladin, San Francisco."

Paladin sheathed his Colt pistol in a black holster adorned with a figure of a white chess knight. ("It's a chess piece, the most versatile on the board. It can move in eight different directions, over obstacles, and it's always unexpected").

Hopalong Cassidy (William Boyd) attired in his all-black cowboy outfit sported two pearl handled Colt revolvers on the western adventure HOPALONG CASSIDY/NBC/1949-51

THE LONE RANGER/CBS/1949-57 western featured the masked rider of the plains (Clayton Moore) who used a shiny silver pair of Colt .45 pistols that shot silver bullets.

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