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Deringer Pistol - Small palm-sized pistol created by Philadelphia inventor Henry Deringer in the 1850s.

Deringer Pistol

The deringer was the gun-of-choice for New Orleans gambler, Yancy Derringer (Jock Mahoney) who carried a deringer in his fancy hat on the western YANCY DERRINGER/CBS/1958-59.

On the western HAVE GUN WILL TRAVEL/CBS/ 1957-63 gun-for-hire Paladin (Richard Boone) carried a deringer as a back up firearm (a palm-sized gun favored by gamblers).

And on the western THE WILD, WILD WEST/CBS/1965-70, secret service agent James T. West (Robert Conrad) carried a concealed deringer inside his right shirt sleeve that popped out into his hand when activated.

Yancy Derringer
The ever-so-polite Yancy Derringer

TRIVIA NOTE: The popular misspelling of "Derringer" (with two "r"s) is now used to describe a small pocket pistol created by Henry Deringer (spelled with one "r").

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