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Finger Gun - Fake gun disguised as an index finger that appeared on TV shows and advertising in the 1960s.

Sixfinger Toy - Topper Toys

In 1965, Topper Toys introduced a plastic toy finger called "Six Fingers" that shoot various projectiles. The ad slogan for their finger gun read: "Six Finger, Six Finger, man alive!, how'd I ever get along with five!"

On the spy spoof GET SMART/NBC/CBS/1965-70 bumbling secret Agent 86/Maxwell Smart (Don Adams) used a two shot .22 caliber gun disguised as a phony finger. Unsuspecting enemy KAOS agents would laugh at Agent 86 when he waved his index finger gun at him, that is, until it went off.

TRIVIA NOTE: While a guest on the "Late Show With David Letterman", (01/13/2009) comedian Jimmie Walker (who played "JJ" on the sitcom GOOD TIMES) related an incident where he used  a :"finger gun" gesture while he stayed at the Best Western hotel in Seattle, Washington. Walker reported the motel's general manager later asked him to leave his establishment because his staff felt threatened when Walker had allegedly threatened them with a "finger gun" during his registration.

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