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Force Fields - Electromagnetic barrier designed to protect spacecraft and personnel on sci-fi movies and TV series.

Jessica Alba as Sue Storm in the sci-fi film FANTASTIC FOUR
Sue Storm uses force field in Fantastic Four movie

On the sci-fi series LOST IN SPACE/CBS/1965-68  the Space Family Robinson used a force field to protect their spacecraft the Jupiter II from alien invaders. Any object that touched the barrier was disabled or destroyed. They frequently set up a similar barrier around their campsites while visiting alien planets.

The sci-fi series STAR TREK/NBC/1966-69 and its sequel and spin-off series used a force field called a "Deflector." It was designed to protect the crew of the starship USS Enterprise. The deflector shield was an invisible force field that surrounded the Enterprise and automatically activated when the ship's sensors detected an unknown danger approaching. "Activate deflector shields!" was a common phrase heard on this series.

Drawing the power from the ship's engines, the deflectors could be maintained full-power for some twenty hours in times of conflict or battle. There were also navigational deflectors that swept the space directly in front of the traveling starship to divert and destroy any space debris that may harm the ship. If any large objects such as a huge asteroid was detected, the ship diverted its course to avoid collision. 

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