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Get Smart Gadgets - The spy spoof GET SMART/NBC/CBS/1965-70 and its short lived revival GET SMART/FOX/1995 featured a number of goofy and yet inventive weapons and gadgets used by the agents of CONTROL, a semi-secret spy agency based in Washington D.C..

Get Smar Poster with Weapons

Secret agent Maxwell Smart (Don Adams) usually carried a revolver, a machine-gun pistol, a switchblade knife, brass knuckles, an XKE-500 (gun that fires exploding bullets), an exploding wallet, and a suicide pill.

His sports car had a 50-caliber machine gun, an ejector seat, a smoke-screen device and a telephone disguised as a cigarette lighter.

Maxwell Smart with Rifle - GET SMART

Other weapons and gadgetry included:

  • Finger Gun, a two shot .22 caliber gun disguised inside a phony finger
  • Bulletproof clear plastic shield that dropped from the ceiling in Max's apartment.
  • Immobilo, a paralyzing drug that disabled for thirty seconds
  • Absorbo pills that absorbed the alcohol content of a drink to prevent inebriation
  • Gay Deceiver pills that make a person tell lies
  • Fake Fingers placed over the ledge to distract an opponent
  • Cigarette lighter grenade
  • Tear-gas pen
  • Telephone gun (press trigger on receiver, then dial 711 and the receiver fires a bullet)
  • Narco 512, a sonic energy weapon capable of focusing the power of 10,000 sonic booms into small areas
  • Bullet Bra loaded with .45 caliber shells (an idea resurrected in the 1997 spy spoof Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery starring Mike Myers)
  • Cone of Silence one of Silence reluctantly  used The Chief (Edward Platt), the head of Control to communicate covertly with Agent 86.
  • Shoe Phone

TRIVIA NOTE: In1965, Topper Toys (went bankrupt in 1971) introduced a line of spy toys called "Secret Sam" that included a smoking pipe that fired bullets ("Just squeeze your teeth and shoot"); a "Six Finger" gun that fired projectiles; and an Attaché filled with all sorts of spy gadgets. The sides of the narrow briefcase was fitted with a secret gun on one side and a camera on the other.

Announcer: Your assignment: Danger!
Your mission: Find the secret spy.
Your weapon: [whispering] Secret Sam

Through Secret Sam's periscope you see him but he can't see you.
You locate the secret spy and talk to him and Secret Sam's taking his picture right now.

Suddenly you're discovered. Secret Sam fires bullets from inside the case.

Secret Sam has barrel extension. Special missile sends mess to your partner

Mission accomplished. You hand over real photograph.

Secret Sam with periscope, message missile, rifle stock and barrel extension. Even shots through this carrying case. And this real camera that works in secretly or out. [no film included] Takes real photos.

[whispering] Secret Sam, Secret Sam

1965 Secret Sam Spy Commercial by Topper Toys

Here are some other toys and weapons of interest.

Johnny Seven - One Man Army Toy
1964 Topper Toys Johnny Seven One Man Army - Seven Guns in One toy

James Bond Attaché Briefcase
James Bond 007 Attaché

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