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Green Hornet Gadgets - Crime fighting devices featured on the crime drama GREEN HORNET/ABC/1966-67.

Britt Reed and Kato - THE GREEN HORNET

The series followed the exploits of crusading newspaper publisher Britt Reid (Van Williams) who donned a mask to become a mysterious underworld figure that was a scourge to the criminal element.

The Green Hornet didn't use weapons that fired bullets. He used a small handgun that emitted a benign greenish incapacitating gas and a long rifle-like "sting" gun that used sound waves that could potentially shatter steel.

Britt's Asian manservant and chauffeur Kato (Bruce Lee), used his martial arts knowledge of Kung Fu to subdue any criminals that got in his way. To travel throughout the city Kato drove the specially modified vehicle called the Black Beauty.

Replica of the Green Hornet's Gas Gun

Kato and the Green Hornet Ready to "Sting" the Bad Guys

Holy Fishing Pole! The Green Hornet's Caught a Big One?!!!

The Hornet Sting Cane
The Green Hornet's Stun Cane Card

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