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Chakram - Large metal ring used as a tossing weapon by Xena (Lucy Lawless) on the action adventure XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS/SYN/1995-2001.

Xena's sword and chakram - XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS
Xena's sword and chakram

Shaped like the letter "O" the chakram (a.k.a. "round killing thing") measured about 12" in diameter. When thrown, the chakram whooshed through the air and sliced or bonked the helmets and armor of enemy soldiers. Like a boomerang, the chakram always returned to Xena's hands.

In the Xenaverse, there were two chakrams: Light and Dark. The chakram of "light" can kill a god. For years Xena used the "dark" chakram not knowing that it was part of a set.

Originally, Ares the Greek God of War stole the dark chakram from Kal, a Middle Eastern god of war and somehow Xena ended up with it.

In episode No. 92 "Chakram" Xena killed Kal with the "light" chakram and then joined the "light" and "dark" chakrams together. This union neutralized the god killing force of the light chakram [that Ares and Kal coveted] and created a chakram shaped like a yin-yang symbol.

The new and improved chakram splits into two halves and can be wielded separately for hand-to-hand combat.

Xena's New Chakram

During Xena adventures, the chakram was also wielded by Callisto in "Return of Callisto," but Xena gets it back in time to save herself and Gabrielle.

On episode "The Quest," Autolycus, the "King of Thieves" used the chakram, but Xena's spirit was inhabiting his body at the time. When Xena's essence vacated Autolycus' body, he no longer possessed the skills needed to use the lethal weapon.

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