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Samurai Jack's Sword - Magical weapon featured on the stylish animated series SAMURAI JACK/CAR/2001-2004.

Samurai Jack and His Magical Sword

The series told the tale of a Japanese boy who was spirited away to train as a samurai warrior so he could rid his homeland of Aku, an ancient shape-shifting demon (voice of Mako).

After absorbing all the necessary skills he would need to conquer his foe, the boy, now grown (voice of Phil La Marr) returns home to claim a magic sword that will enable him to destroy the evil Aku.

Unfortunately, just as he was to vanquish Aku, the troublemaking demon opened up a time portal and sent the warrior [later to called Jack] into a distant future filled with demons and danger. Now, Jack's mission is to return to his own time and set things right.

Before going to battle Aku, Jack's father advised "Let the sword guide you to your fate, but let your mind set free the path to your destiny."

When confronted with evil-doers, Jack disposed of them with phrases like "Now, demon, with the blessings of righteousness and the power of the sacred blade, I cast thee back to the vile pit from which you came."

Jack's blade can cut through just about any thing. When attacked by an army of huge destroyer beetle-drones, Jack's sliced through their steely skins like a warm knife through butter.

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