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Kutari - A short dueling sword used by members of the Koral Pridho ("Proud Knives") a dueling society on the planet Centauri Prime on the sci-fi series BABYLON 5 SYN/1994-98.

The Kutari is used in the Murago, a traditional duel to the death. The duel starts with the words: "The Murago is declared and accepted. Draw your swords with purpose, and sheathe them with honor."

The winner of the duel must accept the loser's family as his own. Each member of the group is given a unique fighting name by their comrades in arms.

The Murago is a by-product of the Centauri bladed-weapons art that teaches the skills needed for duels of honor and other situations when a sword is beneficial.

On episode "Knives" Londo Mollari participated in a Murago duel to the death and kills his friend Urza Jaddo.

Londo holds the dying Urza Laddo - BABYLON 5
Londo holds the dying Urza Laddo

The Centauri also practice an unarmed combat style called "Tronno" which concentrates on kicking moves.

A rival race of Narns uses a light sword called the "katak." Used primarily by bodyguards, once drawn, the katak cannot be sheathed without drawing the blood of an opponent. In battle, the Narn use a martial arts form called "Tokti."

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