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Witchblade - A mystical, shape-shifting talisman of power that transforms into a formidable sword on the sci-fi fantasy WITCHBLADE/TNT/2001-2002.

Yancy Butler as Sara Pezzini - WITCHBLADE
Sara Pezzini with the Witchblade

Created eons ago, the Witchblade bonds to its wearers arm and gives them special powers to battle Earth's darkest evil forces. And only one woman in a generation may wield the Witchblade.

The Witchblade carries a consciousness that urges the wielder into battle and warns her of impending danger. It also controls the element of fire.

The Witchblade instinctively protects it's wielder and rewards them with great victories. But to wear the Witchblade is to be both its master and its servant.

The most recent wielder of the gauntlet is New York police detective Sara Pezzini (Yancy Butler) who came in contact with the ancient gauntlet while investigating the murder of her childhood friend. As the gauntlet affixed itself to her arm, it heightened her powers of perception and gave her an arsenal of amazing powers.

"The Witchblade enables Sara to look into the darkest recesses and sharpest schisms of the human heart. Into the labyrinth of pain, passion, fear and confusion with all of us. Into the savagery which can't be caged, tamed or denied."

Now, the newly chosen wielder of the blade, Sara tries to balance her police duties with her personal life while learning more about the ancient gauntlet so as to master its secrets before it can master her.

Sara's colleagues included:

  • David Chokachi as Jake McCartey, a rookie cop and current partner who is assigned to train under Sara
  • Will Yun Lee as Danny Woo, Sara's slain partner who appears as a ghost and serves as her guardian angel courtesy of the gauntlet's power
  • Gabriel Bowman (John Hensley) an antiques dealer and historian who helps Sara find information about the Witchblade.

Ian, Gabriel, Danny, Sara, Jake, Kenneth

Besides the regular criminals on the street, Sara has to beware of Vorschlag Industries billionaire Kenneth Irons (Anthony Cistaro) and his ex-special forces henchman Ian Nottingham (Eric Etebari) who are obsessed with possessing the Witchblade. Irons still bears the scares of a failed attempt to control the Witchblade.

Although the Witchblade has seen fit to take on the form of a gauntlet for Sara, in earlier times and other wielders it has morphed into such shapes as axes, and spears. Reportedly, Joan De Arc and other great warrior women throughout the ages wielded the Blade during times of crisis.

The reason the Witchblade chooses women? Ancient Celtic writings tell of an army of Witchblade Wielders, consisting of both men and women. The legend goes on to say that a Wielder Banrighinn, known only as Mistress of the Blade, who taught the ancient ways of battle to this chosen army, grew angry with her lover, one of the Wielder Knights, and henceforth, men were prohibited from handling the Blade.

Yancy Butler as Sara Pezzini - WITCHBLADE

The Witchblade is a synthesis of certain metals (some reportedly of unearthly composition) that dates back to ancient Persia. Early visual records of the Witchblade bracelet can be traced to a female statuette found in the palace of Gilgamesh from 2700 B.C. The statuette depicts Saran a woodland goddess, she became Artemis to the Greeks, Diana to the Romans...Huntress, the goddess of the moon.

The one-hour drama WITCHBLADE is based on the best-selling Top-Cow comic book Witchblade drawn by Michael Turner and produced by Top Cow Productions, Inc. and Halsted Pictures in association with Warner Bros. Television.

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