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Miami Vice Weaponry - The stylized police drama MIAMI VICE/NBC/1984-89 starred Don Johnson as undercover drug detective James "Sonny" Crockett. To protect himself from the bad guys Sonny packed some powerful and attractive hand guns.

In the pilot episode, Sonny used a .45 caliber Sig-Sauer P220. During the first two seasons, he used a stainless steel Bren 10mm manufactured by Dornhaus and Dixon (clearly seen in the "Glades" and "One Way Ticket" episodes).

Starting with the third season, Sonny used a stainless steel .45 caliber Smith & Wesson 645 (carried in a Galco Miami Vice Holster).

During the last season Sonny used a Smith & Wesson model 4506. He also carried .45 caliber Detonics CombatMaster for a backup weapon in an ankle holster on his left leg ("Prodigal Son" episode).

His partner Ricardo Tubbs (Philip Michael Thomas) used A Model 37 Ithaca Shotgun cut down, and Model 38 Smith & Wesson Chief's Special. See also BOATS: "St. Vitus Dance"

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