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Phased Plasma Gun - Hand weapon featured on the science fiction series BABYLON 5/1994-98.

Phased Plasma Gun - BABYLON 5

The PPG fires a jet of plasma, or superheated gas. The charge dissipates rapidly when it strikes, so as not to cause substantial damage to hulls, windows, etc. (like the stun setting on Blasters or Phasers).

The gun's plasma coil is made of a morbidium alloy, which is harder than diamond.

Each PPG, except those used by Earth Alliance Security, have serial numbers etched on the coil for identification purposes.

Larger Plasma Cannons were mounted on the exterior hull of the Babylon 5 Space station, as well as on their one-man fighter ships.

PPG Blast
Phased_Plasma Rifle

TRIVIA NOTE: The Romulans used a "plasma torpedo" in the classic Star Trek episode "Balance of Terror". To evade its power blast, the USS Enterprise, reversed ot warp engines, traveled backwards and away from the energy cloud until its lethal payload dissipated into space.

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