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Zat'nik'atel - An "S" shaped hand weapon featured on the science fiction series STARGATE SG-1/SHO/SCI/1997-2007.


The Zat'nik'atel ("Zat" for short) is the weapon of the Goa'uld, a parasitic serpentine race who conquer planets through the galaxy. The bottom of the "S" shaped weapon is the handle while the upper portion hold the firing port.

When fired, the gun, which looks like a serpent spraying deadly venom, can deliver three kinds of shots. Hit once, a person is stunned from the pain, leading to unconsciousness; hit twice, the person is killed; and hit three times. the target is vaporized.

Another common weapon used by the Goa'uld is the Blast Lance. Similar in appearance to a quarter staff, the head of the blast lance, is bulbous like the head of a snake and fires energy blasts powered by liquid naqahdah. The Blast lance can shoot single or continuous rapid fire.

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