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Ticklicker - The .29 caliber frontier long rifle owned by Daniel Boone (1734-1820), legendary folk hero who lived in the North Carolina-Tennessee-Kentucky areas during the days of the Revolutionary War.


In the beginning of the adventure Daniel Boone: And Chase the Buffalo produced for THE WONDERFUL WORLD OF DISNEY in 1960, Walt Disney introduced the program saying:

"It has never been clearly explained how Daniel Boone's long rifle came to be called "Ticklicker." Maybe it was just his way of saying that shot true enough to lick a tick off a target. Or maybe it was name of the gun maker. Nobody knows. But the fact remains, that Daniel could do just about what he wanted to with that rifle. And it's recorded, too, that on many occasions when didn't have time to reload, he dropped down two attacking Indians with one shot. A kind of a billiard shot, you might call it"

Dewey Martin played the legendary frontiersman on the series based on the novel "Daniel Boone" by John Bakeless. Later in the 1960s, Fess Parker (who had played Davy Crockett in the popular Walt Disney TV features in the 1950s) starred as Daniel Boone on the frontier adventure DANIEL BOONE/NBC/1964-1970.

Dan’l Boone Song
(Sung on Disney Film)

Although his life depended a lot
On every handmade bullet he shot,
The one thing he never learned was this,
He never learned how to miss,
He never learned how to miss,
He never learned how to miss . . .
I guess no man’l ever be Dan’l
Ever be Dan’l, Ever be Dan’l Boone.

Daniel Boone and Chase the Buffalo - THE WONDERFUL WORLD OF DISNEY

TRIVIA NOTE: The ghost-written autobiography "The Adventures of Col. Daniel Boone" was written by John Filson (1784). It popularized the many exploits of this American frontiersman. Boone's rifle is now housed in the Museum at Frankfort in Kentucky. See also "Old Betsy the Rifle"

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