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Wild Wild West Gadgets - During the 1960s when the James Bond craze swept the nation, the producers at the CBS network devised a similar secret agent scenario called THE WILD WILD WEST/CBS/1965-70.

James T. West and Artemus Gordon - THE WILD WILD WEST

Set in the days of the Post Civil War, Robert Conrad and Ross Martin played super spies James T. West and Artemus Gordon who worked undercover for President Ulysses S. Grant.

Their headquarters (inside a railroad coach car) was equipped with a laboratory and arsenal of gadgets that assisted them in fighting master criminals and traitors. The items included:

  • Vest-button bombs
  • Swords in pool cues
  • Derringers hidden up their sleeves (with special bullets hidden in the heels of their boots)
  • Knock-out powders and gas pellet bombs.

As for standard firearms, both Jim and Artemus used Colt.45 pistols. (West's hand gun had silver snakes on the grips while Artemus' guns sported his initials)  See also TRAINS: "The Nimrod"

James West with Derringer
James Wes Motivates a Female with his Derringer

Jim and Artemus Escape
Artemus lights a fuse on a canister with
gun powder so Jim can escape
upwards to freedom.

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