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Daniel Boone


NBC Network
60 Minutes

The frontier drama DANIEL BOONE/NBC/1964-70 starred Fess Parker (former star of the Disney's Davy Crockett movies) as Daniel Boone, the legendary frontiersman who explored the wilderness regions of Kentucky/Tennessee in early America.

Daniel Boone (1734-1820) was the founder/defender of the town of Boonesborough, Kentucky. His close friends included:

  • Patricia Blair as Rebecca Boone, his wife
  • Veronica Cartwright as Jemima Boone, his teenage daughter
  • Darby Hinton as Israel Boone, his young son
  • Dallas McKennon as Cincinnatus, the tavern-keeper
  • Ed Ames as Mingo, a college-educated Cherokee Indian and Daniel's loyal friend.
  • Albert Salmi as Yadkin, Daniel's companion.
  • Jimmy Dean as Josh Clements, a fur trapper
  • Rosey Grier as Gabe Cooper, a runaway slave living with the Indians who befriended Daniel.
  • Robert Logan as Jericho Jones, a young pioneer
  • Don Pedro Colley as Gideon, a black Indian

The Boone Family - Rebecca, Daniel, Jemima and Israel - DANIEL BOONE
Rebecca, Daniel, Jemima and Israel Boone

Listen to Theme Song

Theme Song Lyrics

Daniel Boone was a man. Yes a big man.
With an eye like an eagle
and as tall as a mountain was he.

Daniel Boone was a man. Yes a big man.
He was brave he was fearless
and as tough as a mighty oak tree

From the coonskin cap on the top of ol' Dan
To the heel of his rawhide shoe
The rippin’est roarin’est fightin’est man
The frontier ever knew.

Daniel Boone was a man. Yes a big man.
And he fought for America to make all Americans free.
What a Boone. What a wonder.
What a dream comer truer was he.

Lyrics by Vera Matson
Music by Lionel Newman

Opening Credit - DANIEL BOONE

Opening Credit - DANIEL BOONE

Opening Credit - DANIEL BOONE

Opening Screen Credits


TRIVIA NOTE: In 1977, CBS debuted the frontier adventure series YOUNG DAN'L BOONE starring Rick Moses as a twenty-something Daniel Boone. Devon Ericson played the role of Rebecca, Daniel's future bride; Ji-Tu Cumbuka as Daniel's friend Hawk, a former slave; and John Joseph Thomas as Peter, Daniel's twelve-year-old companion. The series ended after only four episodes. See also "Ticklicker"

Obituaries: Albert Salmi - 04/22/1990

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