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Dead Man's Gun

Title Card - DEAD MAN'S GUN

SHO Cable Channel
60 Minutes

Mystical frontier firearm featured on Showtime's western series DEAD MAN'S GUN/SHO/1997-99.

Set in the Old West of the 1870s, the series followed the trail of a haunted gun (allegedly "forged in hell") as it passed from person to person and (for good or bad) effectively changed their lives. Legend has it that the Dead Man's Gun grants whoever possesses it unforeseen powers.

Showtime's DEAD MAN'S GUN
The Dead Man's Gun

At the conclusion of each episode, the poisonous pistol lies in wait for its next unwitting victim. Critics referred to the series as “a cross between BONANZA and THE TWILIGHT ZONE.

Opening Narration:

"The American west. A gun touched by evil passed from hand to hand...changing the lives of all who possessed it. Its origin unknown. Its dark legend grew until it came to be known as THE DEAD MAN'S GUN." [Voice of Kris Kristofferson]

Gunfighter Finds the Dead Man's Gun
A ruthless bounty hunter (Michael Moriarty)
examines the Dead Man's Gun
on episode "Death Warrant"

TRIVIA NOTE: A similar anthology series GUN/ABC/1997 followed the trail of a pistol as it passed from one owner to another.

The first episode starred Daniel Stern as Harvey Hochfelder, a semi-successful actor who foiled a convenience store robbery pulled off with the assistance of the "Gun."

 The gun in question was a 1911-A officer issued Colt.45 semi-automatic nickel-plated pearl-handled gun. U2's recording of the Beatles' "Happiness Is a Warm Gun" acted as the series theme song.

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