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Johnny Ringo


CBS Network
1959 - 1960
30 Minutes

Don Durant starred as Johnny Ringo, an ex-gunfighter-turned-sheriff who maintained law and order in the 1880s town of Velardi, Arizona using a specially designed LeMat revolver with an extra barrel that fired a shotgun round.

Johnny earned $200 a month. And he spent some of that money during his leisure hours at the Golden Wheel, the local saloon.

Ringo's reputation as a gunfighter was legendary and it was this renown that kept the outlaws and rabble rousers in check. But, there were always those people who just had to learn the hard way, and when pushed, Johnny was glad to put them in their place which sometimes turned out to be Boot Hill.

Don Durant as JOHNNY RINGO

Johnny became a lawman as a form of penance for all the wrongs he had done as a gunfighter. As he put it, "Perhaps the badge will make up for some of the things I did."

Other citizens of Velardi community included:

  • Terrence de Marney as Cason "Case" Thomas, Johnny's deputy who designed the LeMat Special to help Johnny "even the odds" when he came up against the bad guys. Case gave up his job as deputy to run a general store. He was later killed by outlaws (on episode "Bordetownw")
  • Mark Goddard as William Charles, Jr. aka "Cully", Johnny's young deputy. His father was a trick shot and taught Cully how to use a gun from an early age. Before coming to Velardi, Cully worked in a traveling show as "Kid Adonis, the Fastest Gun in the World." But Cully soon learned that Johnny was a tad faster. Cully replaced Case. 
  • Karen Sharpe as Lauren Thomas, Case's daughter who helped  run the general store. Johnny is sweet on her.
  • Willis Bouchey as Mayor Hartford, who hired Johnny Ringo to clean up the crime in town.
  • John Anderson as Cartwright, the town banker who got shot for refusing a loan to a man with an ailing pregnant wife.
  • Lurene Tuttle as Mamie Murphy, a brassy saloon keeper.

Don Durant as JOHNNY RINGO

Theme Song Lyrics

Ringo, Johnny Ringo
His fears were never shown
The fastest gun in all the West
The quickest ever known


TRIVIA NOTE: The pilot for the series titled "Man Alone" aired on the DICK POWELL'S ZANE GREY THEATER.(03/05/1959).

Obituaries: Don Durant: 03/15/2005

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